Ave atque vale
ROW80-2 check in - 06/12 - Done, for now

ROW80-2 check in - 05/29 - up and running

OK - highspeed connected, PC up and running, bed set up, and I've found enough clothes and kitchen stuff to survive for now. I'm sorting as I unpack, into either keep, charity, or trash. Yes - I should have done it last time but, well, I didn't. New place is nice, bigger than the old one yet less storage space - especially in the kitchen. But, the kitchen is huge, so I'll be getting some sort of microwave stand and/or kitchen island. Eventually. 

I did a short story today for last week's Flash Fiction Friday prompt. It's been a great site, but is unfortunately closing down. I loved the variety of prompts it had, and will miss it. I've started into my editing again for my novel too, and have a reading from it June 17th.

Status since last week:

  • editing - just started up again today. Reviewing where I'm at so I can do a timeline (tomorrow?) for this phase, and set a target for publishing.
  • writing - did another Flash
  • other - finished packing, moved, unpacked a bit, went to band practice. 



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Beth Camp

Welcome home. Even with boxes still left to unpack, if you're writing, you're home. And if you have the computer connected, you're really home! Good idea about the timeline for publishing. Please write more about this and may the coming week be a good one for you.

Eden Mabee

Nice to see that things are settling for you after the upheaval, Mike. Sorry to hear Flash Fiction Friday is closing down. It was a good site, and I know you and many others enjoy doing flash pieces.

Maybe you could start your own?

Finish unpacking first, get some rest... then think about it.

Julie Glover

Moving can be so time-consuming! Glad your place is working out. I hope it's a fabulous place to write and edit.

After reading your post, I wondered how it had been since I'd written flash fiction. Much too long, I think.

Best wishes on the timeline and edits!

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