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ROW80-2 check in - 06/12 - Done, for now

June 13 - OK - NOW I'm done editing. I decided to do one more quick look yesterday after all my cut and pasting was done and I started finding typos, double words, missing words - yikes. So I spent the day on that, but was finally able to send this revision of to my editor/publisher as well as two Beta readers.
Now I don't have to worry about getting my editing done, I just have to worry about what changes might be proposed! ;-) 
All for the better though, that's why these other people are part of the process. 
And now? Going to a workshop this afternoon - A Mother's Story - book reading next Monday and - oh yes - unpack lots of boxes!

It's been a busy couple of months, what with having to find a place, pack, move, unpack (a bit) and edit. Now that I feel like I can pause and breath I think I'll just dabble in a few things before this round ends on June 20.

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