ROW80-2 check in - 06/12 - Done, for now
ROW80-2 check in and end - 06/20

ROW80-2 check in - 06/16 - Father's Day

I had a biological father that I never met, never contacted, and knew little about. I had a step-father that I did meet, that I spent some ten years with, but never really got to know. He was quite reserved, even with his own children. Do two partial father's make a father?

Not for me.

I was better off than my siblings, though, as I had grandparents that doted on me, especially my grandfather, OB. He was the role model that took me fishing and hunting, that gave me a moral sense, that Cannes_a-1 gave me hugs, that told me stories, that shared his sense of humour. He was 55 when I was born, so I didn't get a lot of rough-housing or sports training, but I still look back on my years with him with fondness. 

Happy Father's Day OB.

BTW - photo is him with my mother, when his Richelieu Club ran a trip tp Europe.


Status for this check in:

  • Publishing - none - novel sent to Beta-readers, waiting for feedback by end of week. Then will incorporate that, and then send to editor/publisher for his changes. Once those are in he is sending to a copy editor.In the meantime, nice to NOT have to worry about editing. 
  • Writing 
    • This ROW80 check in.
    • Attended a workshop on writing about mothers - very interesting. Assignment is now to mull over what we learned, and in 2 weeks do 2000 words on her. 
  • Other
    • Lunches and visits with friends and family - things that were neglected a bit while editing.


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Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Mike, your comments about your grandfather bear out what I have long believed--biology doesn't make family. Only choice makes family, and in some cases, the people whom one assumes would have made the choice, like your step-father, don't. You are lucky that your grandfather did, and I feel sure that you enriched his life as he did yours.

Enjoy not worrying about editing! Have a great Father's Day and a great week,


Those who love you with time and understanding are the best parents ever - the workshop sounds interesting have never seen one on mother's - why is that I wonder? important subject in writing - anyway all the best:)

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