ROW80-2 check in - 06/16 - Father's Day
Bad Dad

ROW80-2 check in and end - 06/20

Whew, I'm done! This was a busy round - mostly from the 'life getting in the way' part. I did get a lot done on my publishing, less on writing, and added in a new task for the round - find a new apartment, pack, move in, unpack. 

My Goals, as mentioned, are long term, while Objectives are short term, contributing toward the goals. Main Goals are still to become a better writer and to become a successful (income earning) author. Both would be nice. Also, I'd like to ensure that I live life, make some positive contributions to it, and get/stay healthy enough to enjoy it.

My original objectives, as well as status for this round, are shown below.  

Objective - Publishing

  • Finish edits on first novel, Kirk's Landing (renamed from Due North),  by April 12 
  • On Amazon and launch by mid-June

Status - Did several editing passes, version to beta readers last week. 

Objective - Writing

  • At least one Flash Fiction a week.
  • ROW80 check in's - Sunday and Wednesday.
  • Book clubs - have two a month, to read and critique.

Status - Did only one Flash Fiction. Did maybe half the check in's. Did get to all the book clubs. 

Objective - Other 
  • Daily yoga and core strengthening exercises, walking
  • Band - rehearsals
  • More - keep following various writerly blogs, reading how-to books, reading fiction (with a writer's eye). Drop in a few days a week at the coffee shop on the corner, to my local for beer, music, and conversation, and visit my grandkids. 

Status - as I mentioned, 'Other' had my move as a new Objective. Not a lot of exercise or walking. Did get to most of the band rehearsals, kept up with following blogs, visiting my local and my grandkids. 


Next Round? I'm looking forward to it already. It's July to mid-September, so this time I think an achievable objective will be to get published - online and print copies. Maybe a book release too. Other than that, more on the health front would be nice, and to get back to regular writing. Oh - and get ready to be a grandpa again - my daughter is expecting her first this November.

PS - one more. As I discovered in the editing process, I really need to figure out, when dealing with sentences and/or fragments, the proper use of full stop vs semi-solon ve colon vs comma. Grammar Girl has some good notes on that. 





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Ann Stanley

Just so curious, Mike. What's your role in your band?
You had a lot on your platter this round. Moving alone is a lot, let alone getting the novel to beta readers.

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