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ROW80- check in 07/03 - late already

ROW80-3 Goals and Objectives

Time to get ready for another round - yay!  The first day, July 1, is a holiday - not that the self-employed notice - so I'm doing this today. I will still try to work on some writerly things tomorrow, though.

My objectives may seem daunting to some. Firstly, I'm self-employed, so my schedule is flexible, and secondly, my job/passion/career is being a writer and author. In addition, my kids are all grown up, I'm single, have adjusted my lifestyle to a small but liveable pension, and live in a rental (maintenance free) apartment. All by choice, not luck. The only luck so far I guess is happening to run into a publisher last year at a small press book fair. He was just starting off and was looking for more authors, I had several books written and was looking to get published. Sort of looking, as in I hadn't started the cycle of mailings and rejections yet. Right now we're in the midst of final edits. After that, it will then go to copy/proof editors, then up on Kindle and Createspace. 

My long term goals are to become a better writer and to become a successful (income earning) author. Both would be nice. Also, I'd like to ensure that I live life, make some positive contributions to it, and get/stay healthy enough to enjoy it.

My short term objectives, as well as status for this round, are shown below.  

Objective - Publishing

  • Finish edits on first novel, Kirk's Landing by July 15th. After that, it goes to copy/proof.
  • Do my Kinde/Createspace stuff - details to follow, but need to creat ID's, get IRS number, learn to formatting, etc.
  • Promote online - again, details to follow, but need to work on FB/Twitter/Blog
  • On Amazon and launch by mid-September. Maybe

Objective - Writing

  • Write every morning
  • At least one Flash Fiction a week.
  • ROW80 check in's - Sunday and Wednesday.
  • Book clubs - have two a month, to read and critique.

Objective - Other 

  • Daily yoga and core strengthening exercises, walking, biking - a challenge for me.
  • More - keep following various writerly blogs, reading how-to books, reading fiction (with a writer's eye). Drop in a few days a week at the coffee shop on the corner, to my local for beer, music, and conversation, and visit my grandkids. 
  • Edit - I realized, as I looked around at the dozens and dozens of bozes to still be unpacked and sorted, that I need to add getting unpacked to my list. Even 1/2 hour a day makes a difference.





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Eden Mabee

A detailed list... not a bad thing when you're getting yourself ready for the next jump in your career. And your final note about "even a 1/2 hour a day makes a difference" fits in with all those goals. I'm finding I get so much more done by doing small bursts of focused activity than long drawn out ... quests!

See you around the ROW80, Mike. Best to you.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid

Great goals and objectives. And very attainable. Good luck with them all.

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