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ROW80-3 - check in 07/14 - back from the trenches

Editing done!

After five passes through it, I finally decided yesterday my novel was 'good enough' to send to my editor again. Next, he'll pass it on to our copy-editor, then I review, then to proofreader, then to Kindle, Createspace, etc. I said 'good enough' because I probably could have spent a few more weeks tweaking characters and plot elements, but I like it as it is. 

Today is a day to not edit, to not even write. It's a scorcher out there, but my place is air-conditioned, so a good day to stay in and get back to unpacking. I moved in almost two months ago and am still surrounded with boxes. But, did I mention my editing was done?

Update on my Objectives - I missed most of them, as was very busy editing. 

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ROW80- check in 07/03 - late already

Not a good start for this round - here I am already late for my first check in. Not a lot accomplished over the past few days, either. This round started on Canada Day, so I lost that to an all afternoon and evening party at a friend's place. Excellent weather, BBQ sirloin tip, cold beer, live music from a number of musician friends, and many ladies looking to dance. I had a great time - so I am told - but the after affects sort of killed the next day too. I did get into a bit of editing though, as well as some marketing things.

Update on my objectives follows.

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