ROW80-3 - check in 07/17 - on vacation
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ROW80-3 - check in 07/24 - bits and pieces

My novel came back from copy editor. Only minor changes, and she loves it! Best novel she's read this year! I now have to format it for 6x9, then it goes of to the proofreader. I've been working on the various bits and pieces that go with it: summary, author info, dedication, and acknowledgements. Those are off for editing now too. We're looking at getting it published late August. Yay! 

I do have a part two waiting to be edited, depending on how well the first is received. I also have a fantasy novel in draft mode - my Fairy Tale Folk. Plus - November approaches - time for another NaNoWriMo. 

Status updates:

Objective - Publishing

  • Reviewed changes by copy editor. Sent summary, author info, etc. off to editor. 
  • Kindle/Createspace stuff - nothing
  • Promotion - City will let local authors use a vacant stall at either farmer's market for a book fair - for free! 

Objective - Writing

  • See above - did summary, etc.
  • Short stories - working on one for a Terrible Minds prompt. It involves a psychic golf pro. 
  • ROW80 check in's - this one, missed last Sunday.
  • Book clubs - had a meeting to discuss The Uninvited Guests. I loved it, even re-read it to better appreciate the description and humour. Gave it a 5 out ot 5. Rest of the group did not like it, and rated with four 2's and a 1. Lowest rater found had too much detail and description, too slow, sentences too long. Suggested we read Forster instead, to compare his (superior) treatment of the same period. So, our next one is Room with a View. Already started it - tedious so far. 

Objective - Other (a lot here)

  • Exercise, etc - not a lot. Has been deathly hot lately, barely able to make it to the air-conditioned pub. 
  • Writerly blogs - oops. Five days behind again. 
  • Social - grandkids again. Friends at pub too. Helped my daughter for a bit as she packed for her move - nice bonding. 
  • Photo - took a series of pics of new graffiti art at downtown Tech Wall. 
  • Special social - my birthday last week. Dinners, visits with kids, free beers at pub. Someone at another table even sent over a Twinkie with a candle in it. The waitresses sang too. 
  • Chores - still unpacking those boxes. Stack of Christmas stuff all down in storage now.  





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Shan Jeniah Burton


Hooray! For the birthday, and the book, and the other things in's been humidhot here, too, until yesterday, when it finally snapped. I turned the air conditioner off, and am even considering giving the fans a rest!

May your coming year be filled with joy! =D

Buffy Greentree

Congratulations with having a book almost ready to publish! Though, I'm starting to feel the promotion aspect is almost harder than the writing.
I'll keep an eye out for how you go about it. Good tips are always welcome.

Shan Jeniah Burton


I tried to comment before, and TypePad apparently had a tasty meal of it...

Ahh, well.

Happy belated birthday, and big hoorays for the book progress!

Hope your heat has lifted as pleasantly as ours did!

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