ROW80-3 Goals and Objectives
ROW80-3 - check in 07/14 - back from the trenches

ROW80- check in 07/03 - late already

Not a good start for this round - here I am already late for my first check in. Not a lot accomplished over the past few days, either. This round started on Canada Day, so I lost that to an all afternoon and evening party at a friend's place. Excellent weather, BBQ sirloin tip, cold beer, live music from a number of musician friends, and many ladies looking to dance. I had a great time - so I am told - but the after affects sort of killed the next day too. I did get into a bit of editing though, as well as some marketing things.

Update on my objectives follows.

Objective - Publishing

  • Finish edits on first novel, Kirk's Landing by July 15th.
    • I got feedback from a Beta reader. All good comments, but I panicked when I discovered LibreOffice was showing me none of her changes in some places, then pages of crossed out text in other spots. Was a LibreOffice problem, as when I opened the rtf document in OpenOffice all was good. I guess the docx standard is not always implemented properly between Microsoft Word and others.  
    • Started spreadsheet on scenes for my novel to track things like characters, subplots, symbols, what did/didn't work.
  • Do my Kindle/Createspace stuff - none
  • Promote online - started a web page, need to find appropriate 'northern' images now. 

Objective - Writing

  • Write every morning - none so far
  • ROW80 check in's - late
  • Book clubs - next Monday - noted finished on book

Objective - Other 

  • Exercise, etc - not a lot, except for walking to the pub. It is 4 blocks away but that really doesn't help, it's a lot better to just cut back on the calories.
  • Writerly blogs - catching up, still a week behind
  • Social - babysat grandkids yesterday - that was nice. No shortage of socializing at the Carleton either - great for story ideas, but no new ones in a while. 
  •  Chores - did a few boxes - every little bit helps. 




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Rebecca J Fleming

Sometimes you just need to relax and party, and at least you've still got the rest of the round to catch up. Besides, any progress is still progress. Good luck for the round :)

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