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ROW80-3 - check in 08/19 - Summer's Almost Gone

A tune by The Doors, but also an observation by me. Days are getting shorter, nights colder, back to school sales are on - have you started Christmas shopping yet? I have been doing bits and pieces of writerly things - movies, books, book clubs, a short story. Details below:

Objective -Publishing

  • Set up Google Analytics for my author page
  • Editor/publisher back this week, so things will really get rolling now. My mini-vacation is over.
  • Looked up what's needed to recover the 30% Amazon will keep from my sales, for US taxes. Need to send them a W-8BEN form, which needs an ITIN number, which means I need to either send in a W7 form to the IRS with my passport or have it notarized at the US Embassy. Going with the latter, but need to make an appointment - first slot is September 9. Oh - and bring $50US. 
Objective - Writing
  • Short stories - Finished one for the Terrible Minds site. Talked with a friend at Carleton who has lots of stories to tell of his days as a lumberjack. I;m intrigued, but challenge will be to find an overall story in there to tie them all together. 
  • ROW80 check in's - this one. 
  • Reading - Got 1/4 through A Room With a View and stalled, so I watched the movie (1985 version) instead. Much better, more life to it. I also watched Howard's End, based on another Forster book. Also good. Consensus at our book club was that we were underwhelmed by the book - great story, just not that well written. Read The Graveyard Book, too, by Neil Gaiman. Liked it.

Objective - Other parts of my life

  • Exercise - still walking. And less late night snacks. 
  • Writerly blogs - caught up via Feedly.
  • TV, etc. None lately. Just the aforementioned movies I downloaded.


A Couple of Challenges

I started a challenge last week for the Terrible Minds site, to do a 'something-punk' story. I started off with a postwar society, distrustful of technology now, from the point of view of some teenagers. I ended up trying to blend technology and coming of age issues, and went over the 1000 word limit and past the Friday noon time limit. This week's challenge was to write a story based on a random title. I admit I spun the random wheel a few times, but did get a good match. Here's my story, finally, at 1658 words.

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ROW80-3 - check in 08/11 - enjoying the journey

I read somewhere a description of how to read critically, and the questions to ask:

  • what is the author saying? The surface layer.
  • why are they saying it? The underlying story.
  • how are they saying it? The techniques used, the tricks of the trade. There are many ways to get to the same end, but how did THIS author get there? 

It's the last one that I am especially looking at lately, when I read as a writer. I used to be a fast reader, skimming through a book so fast people could hear my eyeballs click, picking out the key points, whizzing past any slow bits, racing to finish and find out 'who done it'. It was all about the destination. Now I also enjoy the journey too.

As in life. I don't believe in an after-life, in a reward that will somehow compensate and/or punish  me for any problems and issues I may encounter. I believe we are here to enjoy life, to learn and contribute to it, to make a positive contribution. There are many ways to get there, but none are wrong, it's never a life wasted, it's just a life lived. 

And now, back from the philosophical to the more immediate, my status update for ROW80:

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ROW80-3 - check in 08/07 - walking

Still playing with my latest toy, an iPhone app called MapMyWalk, that does just that. Tracks my path, records speed and time, then adds a calories burned estimate. Lets me listen to tunes too, as I boot along. 


Objective -Publishing

  • Promotion - author web page. Playing with widths and images.

Objective -Writing

  • Short stories - Working on one for Friday, theme is somethingpunk. 
  • ROW80 check in's - this one. 
  • Reading - Just started reading Life of Pi for a book club. Sure hope it gets good soon.  

Objective -Other 

  • Exercise, etc - See above.Walking. 
  • Writerly blogs - caught up.  
  • TV, etc. Watching Continuum online via Showcase. Finished Series One - I like it.