Straight to the Heart
ROW80-3 - check in 08/28 - Early weekend

ROW80-3 - check in 08/25 - trying to not get carried away

I've been editing for the past few days. I added in most of the suggested changes from the proofreader loop, then printed out one final copy and grabbed a red pen. I'm seeing a few errors still - like calling someone Scottie then Scotty, back and forth between the two. Also found some timing issues, redundancies - minor errors. However, I'm also finding phrases that 'could' be tweaked to improve them a bit. I'm trying to not do too much of that. As my publisher reminds me, this is a first novel, and at some point just have to stop and get it out there. I'm at the 3/4 mark.

Objective -Publishing

  • Editing my novel - 3/4 done. 
Objective - Writing
  • Short stories - I did one last Friday for a Terrible Minds prompt. It's a mash-up of Weird West and Paranormal Romance.
  • ROW80 check in's - this one, on time! 
  • Reading - nope - busy editing.
  • Courses - Do these go here under writerly things? I forget. Anyway, Coursera's "A Brief History of Humankind" is just starting it's third week. I'm a week behind, but will catch up once editing finished. Lectures are very interesting, but I'll skip the quizzes/exam and certification option. 

Objective - Other parts of my life

  • Exercise - still walking. Getting to make this a habit. My target for August was to walk 90 miles. I've done 72 so far, and have six days left. 
  • Writerly blogs - just a couple of days behind.
  • Social - saw my daughter's new house, and dropped off various power tools and extension cords for them. Downsized, so I certainly don't need them here. Met her and hubby again today at a beer festival at a local park. Beautiful day for it and a nice break from work. Have also been carrying my pile of paper around with me, so I can edit in local coffee shops and pubs. 
  • TV, etc. - Nothing in particular I want to watch. 



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Emily Witt

I totally get you about the editing - every time I open up my novel, I want to fix ALL THE THINGS. It's good that you're keeping yourself reasonably reigned in about it, though.


I'm doing that course - am week and half behind - mean to catch up this week - also not doing the test thingys - doing course just for fun. Good luck for the rest of editing and all the best for coming week:)

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