ROW80-3 - check in 09/01 - Back to work
ROW80-4 - Focus and Flexibility

ROW80-3 - check in 08/19 - final check in

I was pretty hit and miss for this session. Editing was done, summer was here, didn't have a lot of goals to worry about. Looking forward to next session.

Here's my initial goals, and how I did in italics:

Objective - Publishing

  • Finish edits on first novel, Kirk's Landing by July 15th. After that, it goes to copy/proof. Did finish by mid-July, then went to copt edit thenm proofread. Editor/publisher is now reviewing these LAST edits.
  • Do my Kinde/Createspace stuff - details to follow, but need to creat ID's, get IRS number, learn to formatting, etc. Sent away W-7 for IRS number, then can send  W-8BEN to Amazon 
  • Promote online - again, details to follow, but need to work on FB/Twitter/Blog Will stay with current FB and Twitter groups, but did do an author page
  • On Amazon and launch by mid-September. Maybe. Still fall 2013

Objective - Writing

  • Write every morning. Nope
  • At least one Flash Fiction a week. Did a few.
  • ROW80 check in's - Sunday and Wednesday. Missed some.
  • Book clubs - have two a month, to read and critique. Kept up with these.
  • Writerly blogs. 

Objective - Other 

  • Daily yoga and core strengthening exercises, walking, biking - a challenge for me. A few times a week - better than nothing.
  • More - keep following various writerly blogs (Didn't keep up with these very well - perhaps have too many), reading how-to books, reading fiction (with a writer's eye) Done. Drop in a few days a week at the coffee shop on the corner, to my local for beer, music, and conversation, and visit my grandkids. Done 
  • Edit - I realized, as I looked around at the dozens and dozens of bozes to still be unpacked and sorted, that I need to add getting unpacked to my list. Even 1/2 hour a day makes a difference. Hmm. Still a number of boxes here.



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Beth Camp

Loved the proofing/typo misstyping. So, best of luck on marketing KIRK'S LANDING. Will you add a link for sales on your author's page when the book goes live? Maybe over the break from ROW80 you'll write a little and unpack a few more boxes. See you again Round 4.

Shan Jeniah Burton

It sounds like you had a productive round, filled with a variety of good stuff.

I haven't moved in almost 12 years. That is a relief!

I am in the process of streamlining and decluttering, though.

May your break be pleasant - see you on the other side!

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