ROW80-3 - check in 08/28 - Early weekend
ROW80-3 - check in 08/19 - final check in

ROW80-3 - check in 09/01 - Back to work

I suppose it's time to be writerly again. Not that I really stopped, even if I did declare the past few days a long weekend for me. I did still do some reading, as well as thinking about next steps for my novel. 

Objective -Publishing

  • Have some updated text and photos for my author page. 
  • Discussed 'next steps' with my publisher - and away we go!   
Objective - Writing
  • ROW80 check in's - this one, on time
  • NaNoWriMo - still considering topics. 
  • Reading - Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro. Very slow, but did finish it for my sci-fi book club. Ended up not so bad - I'd give it maybe a 2.5 out of 5. 
  • Courses - Coursera's "A Brief History of Humankind". No progress, looks good but may get bumped of the to-do list. Only so much time in a day.

Objective - Other parts of my life

  • Exercise - still walking. August target was 144 km, did 1was to walk 90 miles, or about 144 km. Did 146. Target for September - 146.   
  • Writerly blogs - slipping. 5 Days behind, time for another blitz. As in somewhere with free wi-fi, no distractions, and cheap quarts. 
  • Social - visited and played w grandkids on Friday. Older one is getting me hooked on Little Big Planet. I may just need to buy a cheap used Playstation. Maybe after this year's NaNoWriMo - as a reward. We also went to see the Mini-Maker Faire this weekend, at The Train Museum. Very interesting. 
  • TV, etc. - Still captivated by The West Wing, and into Season 2. And on a related note - went over my bandwidth limit for the current billing period. Damn. Only good news is that the additional charges will go toward possibly increasing my Bell pension. Because I was told that letting the government allow Verizon into Canada would threaten the profits of Bell canada and possibly endanger my Bell pension. 



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Shah Wharton

Wow, you're busy Mike. Great going on all your goals. X

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