ROW80-4 - 11/03 - Stuck?
ROW80-4 - 11/10 - Running out of story

ROW80-4 - 11/06 - Done in December?

Looks like, at the rate I'm going in NaNoWriMo, that I'll be done December 11. Dang. Still battling against my inner editor, but still optimistic too. Have been looking for other distraction, such as reading, courses, and grandkids fun. I'll get there.


Objective - Publishing

  • Sold 19 books so far to friends, more books on order. 
  • Scheduled a book launch for December 11, at Daniel O'Connell's, on Wellington. 
  • Nudged my reviewers, got two more online. Also got two more volunteers to read and review!! 
  • Offer still open for a free PDF version to anyone willing to add a review online - Amazon and/or Goodreads. Email me or leave a comment.
  • Still waiting for Smashwords final internal review. Enabled all channels, except Kindle. Don't want a duplicate. 

Objective - Writing

  • NaNoWriMo - Almost a week in, slipping.  
  • ROW80 check in - late but here.

Objective - Writerly

  • Blogs - 3 days, not bad.. 
  • Books -read Beguilement, by Bujold. Part of the Sharing Knife series. Light, buy a good story. Especially when read in the sun Monday afternoon with a cool beer in hand.

Objective - Other 

  • Walking -depends on the day.  
  • Courses - just doing Future of Storytelling. Excellent. On week 2
  • Movies, etc - gave up on Camelot. More fun to watch Duffy and the Senators, or The Continuous Adventures of Rob Ford and the Drunken Stupors. Both amazing/scary/sad sagas to watch. You couldn't write this, nobody would believe it.





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Tia Bach

I've had to lock my inner editor away in a closet with the promise that if she'll stay there, she'll have plenty to do when I unleash her on this NaNo project. So far, it's kept her at bay. ;-)

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