ROW80-4 - 11/10 - Running out of story
ROW80-4 - 12/01 - Done. Another novel!

ROW80-4 - 11/17 -Keeping up

After a slow start, I've managed to work my projected November completion date from a disturbing December 4th back to an occasional November 29. Yay! Still may run out of scenes, but I can always go back after and add more to the existing characters. Or add a few more minor ones. This has been a difficult write for me, possibly because my head is still wandering into edit mode, possibly because I didn't start with a complete enough outline, possibly because I let myself get distracted too much. Oh - and I have an annoying cold, but what else is new? Its fall in Canada.


Objective - Publishing

  • Got another box of books--40 this time--so I can keep on trucking. Twenty sold so far to friends. 

Objective - Writing

  • NaNoWriMo - See above. Caught up again.
  • ROW80 check in - late again but here I am.

Objective - Writerly

  • Blogs - Still keeping 2-3 days current. I have about 35 that I follow, but only about a dozen posts a day. Most are writing related, and continue to give me lots of good tips. BTW - I'd add the list here but I'm not sure how to get it out of Feedly. Not sure what to do with OPML files.
  • Books -still reading Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, for a book club. Also read The Englishman's Boy, by Guy Vanderhaeghe for another book club. Our rating was 3/5.

Objective - Other 

  • Walking - I do try to get out and spread my cold so it goes away.
  • Courses - still keen on doing Future of Storytelling. Excellent, but slipped more. May just download all I can and save for later.
  • Movies, etc - none of those, but spending more than enough time watching live feed of Toronto council. Interesting to see how they run them, or rather don't run them. 





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