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ROW80-4 - 12/15 - Tiny steps

I've sold a number of copies of my first book since it came out November - 77 in fact! Which is great, but it's in dribs and drabs it seems. I always carry a few copies with me now, just in case, as I often get asked for a copy. Either by people that liked it and want another copy for someone's Christmas present, or have heard good things from the local buzz and want to check it out. Good to have some local buzz, and great to have positive feedback from people on my story - the story that I created tight out of my mind. Many of them have seen me scribbling away in a pub or cafe corner, and heard me repeating that I am retired anymore, and that this is not just a hobby. Some are realizing that being a writer - and getting published -  is a lot of work. Nice to have the recognition and appreciation. That's pretty cool. However - it would also be nice if some online buzz were to get going too. Not sure how that happens. I do have a few online reviews, which helps. Maybe those Christmas presents will get things rolling. 

I have had several people ask about the sequel, which is very nice. Luckily it's already written. Just need to edit it, find an agent, get a publisher, and get it out there. That's at the top of my 2014 ROW objectives.

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ROW80-4 - 12/11 - A writing team

Us writers are usually portrayed as lonely individuals, sitting in a corner with pen and paper, scribbling down the words. While I admit the actual putting down of the words is an individual affair, there's still a lot of other people involved. I was reminded of this last night at my book launch.

We can start with all those authors out there, that give us books to read as examples, good/bad, of the craft. Plus those that write how-to blogs and books, or run workshops and seminars. Not to mention teachers that encouraged us, way back in English class. Then there are all the 'characters' that surround us, just waiting to be noticed and become part of our own characters. Once we start putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys, there are all the supporting family and friends, giving us the time to write, and cheering us on. Then when we're done that first effort, we have a bevy of beta readers and proofreaders to help us polish our work. Then it's on to agents and publishers - and those same friends and family cheering us on in spite of rejection after rejection. Finally we get into print, and then it's reviewers - hopefully positive - and customers. p

So - thanks to all the above, that helped me get from my first impulse to try writing to actually signing a copy for a customer - who heard about it from another happy customer! 

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A Family Affair

This is part three of a five part (200 word each) challenge from Terrible Minds. The idea is to take a previous story, and add your own 200 words. I added my portion onto Joyce's section, who had in turn added onto one by Simon. I did take it down a bit of a darker path, but there still are two sections to be added on. She added the title Jesper, but I renamed it - for now. Total now is 596 words.

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ROW80-4 - 12/08 - Relaxing

Have been slacking off a bit now that NaNoWriMo is done. No post since last Sunday and not a lot of writerly things to report.

I have a book launch coming up so most of my time has been on publicity - postering, sending in notices to various sites, ordering more books. 


Objective - Publishing

  • Still selling books a few at a time - over 50 now. Hopefully some of the people at my book launch won't already have a copy!  
  • Couple more good reviews up online. Promoting both the book and the launch via various local sites and publications, as well as posters and hand-out cards. 

Objective - Writing

  • ROW80 check in -here
  • Flash Fiction - need to find some sites to challenge me. Chuck's Terrible Minds site has good ideas sometimes so maybe I need to get back into that.

Objective - Writerly

  • Blogs - Still behind, getting there.
  • Books -finished Jane Eyre, for a book club December 2. Good meeting, good discussion, good food, good wine. Read Legacy - Part 2 of the Sharing Knife series by Bujold, Beauty of Fear, by Perez, and Wild Card, by Jamie Wyman. 

Objective - Other 

  • Walking - Doing a bit more. Depends on how slippery it is out there.
  • Courses - not sure about Future of Storytelling. Way behind, and not that upset. 
  • Movies, etc - several series on 
  • Social - some grandkid visits. Cold gone and flu shot done so visit to the newest one is soon. Several evenings with friends at local pubs - lots of fun but uses up the evening as well as half the next day. As well as a chunk out of my bank account and my liver.
  • Christmas - soon apparently. As is usual, lots of hits on my site for an old Moose Milk recipe from 2005, as well as the Secret Family Tourtiere recipe. Time now to plan presents, dinner, decorations, etc. Pitter patter let's get at 'er.