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ROW80-1 - 01/12 - Attack of the edits

Actually, it's not that bad. I've finished the first read through of my novel, mainly to get familiar with it once more (wrote it in 2011), to marvel at the occasional gem, to frown at the occasional clunker. Now I'm making another pass to add some notes for the next/first phase - high level structural edits. There will be many more versions to be done as I drill down to the proofreader level, but I just need to keep at it and get in a few hours each day. It's easy to stay in and work this time of year, as weather has gone from icy to icky - drizzle and puddles overlay the ice now. I also found another MOOC for my sparetime. This one is Introduction to Forensic Science, from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Not as well laid out as the Coursera courses, for instance, but still interesting.  

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ROW80-1 - Argg! It's the Polar Vortex

The media love this image, swooping down from the north like an icy tornado, sucking up not people and cows, but warmth. Meteorologists say it's just a loop in the Jet Stream - unusual but not that rare - that has allowed artic air to push south. Way south. Towns have been shut down, crops ruined, power lines snapped, planes grounded - there seems to be nothing else in the news. Other than Rodman and his BFF Kim. 

The last few days were a good opportunity to stay in and work, at least until the sidewalk from here to the pub got salted.

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ROW80-1 -2014 Goals and objectives

Another year, and another set of ROW80’s. Once again time to reflect on lifetime goals, goals for the year, and short-term SMART objectives for the next 80 days.

My writerly goal is the same as last year – to become a better writer. I like writing, and do want to keep learning about the craft, practising, and improving. Positive feedback is a bonus, especially when it’s in the form of book sales. As before, my main non-writerly goal is to stay healthy enough to be able to enjoy life and keep on writing. That means some exercise, some attention to diet, social links with friends and family, and just getting out and exploring life.

The real challenge for me will be trying to fit all this in, and keeping a good balance. No more for me the long – and relatively empty – days of retirement.

Now to the specifics. Last November I published my first novel, Kirk’s Landing, via a small local publisher that focuses on first time authors. My novel is up on various sites, including Amazon, iBooks, and Smashwords, but the challenge now is to market it – via social media and local events like book signings. Book two in the series is already written, and waiting to be edited. After that I’ll need to find an agent and a publisher for it. In addition, I want to keep writing – Flash Fiction, as well as another NaNoWriMo novel next November. I’d also like to reformat some of my Flash Fiction for publication, but that will have to wait for later in the year. Maybe ROW80-3.

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A Red Shoe

I wanted to try some more Flash Fiction in the new year. I used to use prompts from the Flash Fiction Friday (F3) site, and enjoyed the variety. I hadn't started until challenge 74, so there are still earlier ones to try. The original site is gone, but luckily there are others that did those - such as my friend Joyce – so I’ll be able to find them. Just a reminder, these are quick little pieces, written in an hour or so, just to get the creative juices flowing. Usually dark, with a twist. At some point I’ll go back and polish, maybe expand a little, maybe submit online.

F3 - Cycle 1 challenge. 

Prompt is the first sentence - 'Why aren't shoes ever abandoned in pairs?' My story is 548 words.

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