ROW80-1 - Argg! It's the Polar Vortex
The Minotaur Story

ROW80-1 - 01/12 - Attack of the edits

Actually, it's not that bad. I've finished the first read through of my novel, mainly to get familiar with it once more (wrote it in 2011), to marvel at the occasional gem, to frown at the occasional clunker. Now I'm making another pass to add some notes for the next/first phase - high level structural edits. There will be many more versions to be done as I drill down to the proofreader level, but I just need to keep at it and get in a few hours each day. It's easy to stay in and work this time of year, as weather has gone from icy to icky - drizzle and puddles overlay the ice now. I also found another MOOC for my sparetime. This one is Introduction to Forensic Science, from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Not as well laid out as the Coursera courses, for instance, but still interesting.  

Status update:

  • Publishing

    • Edit second novel, KL-2. First re-read done, starting another one.   

    • Marketing of first book, KL-1. Did a status update - copied a good review someone did on another site and reminded readers to update. Goes to all 86 that 'like' my book page. 

  • Writing

    • ROW80 check in's - today's.

    • Book clubs - book ready, something about potato peels

    • How to write - caught up - still - with blogs via Feedly. 

  • Other

    • Exercise - just too slippy to do more than walk along Wellington. 

    • Courses - the above mentioned Intro to Forensics
    • Other entertainment. Watched #3 of the newest Sherl;ock Holmes series. Mostly flashbacks and bitys of various cases. Had its moments, but could have been better. Still working my way through The Desolation of Smaug - a Hobbit story. So-so. 

    • Socially - out to cafe and pub - that's it. 



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