Oven baked dry rub ribs
ROW80-1 - 01/26 - New tool, new plan

ROW80-1 - 01/19 - Creative procrastination

I've been putting off tackling a structural edit of my novel, probably because I know it will be a lot of work. I will need to re-examine themes, character's goals and obstacles, major plot points, etc. A lot of heavy work, slashing and burning. So, instead, I've been re-reading at a detail level, tweaking here and there, as well as reading up on editing tips and techniques. This is all editing stuff, but avoiding the main task, so doesn't really count. I'll try again tomorrow. 


  • Publishing

    • Edit second novel, KL-2 - sort of. See above.   

    • Marketing of first book, KL-1. Nope, but I did correct a bunch of errors. Read it several times myself, plus beta readers, copy editor, proofreader, and editor/publisher. We still managed to leave about 15 errors - which a couple of dedicated readers found and documented. All were double words, or missed words - the sort of thing the brain seems fill in just fine. Changed a few words while I was in there, just to clarify in places. Uploaded to Createspace, Kindle, and Smashwords, Xin-Xii is next. 

  • Writing

    • ROW80 check in's - missed Wednesday, here now.

    • Book clubs - tomorrow's postponed, but book read. Started Story, by Robert McKee. Supposedly a great book on structure and screenplays. Not for me, at least not today. Review on Goodreads.

    • Did a short story for a Terrible Minds prompt, The Minotaur Story.
    • How to write - caught up - still - with blogs via Feedly. 

  • Other

    • Exercise - sometimes, if it's not a blizzard or freezing rain or Wellington. 

    • Courses - still doing Intro to Forensics, but it's not that exciting, Signed up for a History one too - no time really. 
    • Other entertainment. Finally finished The Desolation of Smaug - a Hobbit story. So-so. Didn't realize there was still a third part, so THAT was annoying when everything was left hanging. Watched the Adaptation - excellent movie about a screenwriter, and orchids. Good cast. Also watched episode one of True Detective - will be a good crime series, Well written.

    • Other - spent half a day dealing with paperwork on my former corporation. Yuch. 

    • Socially - out to cafe and pub. Same folks, with the same stories, songs, complaints, biases, jokes. Will be staying in more to work, then once I get more editing done will wander farther afield. 





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Not bad week - I have found in past that avoiding something is quite often because brain is trying to figure something out and needs bit more time - then when it's ready all falls into place more easily - maybe that's whats happening here:)

I know the feeling about not enough time for the courses but I can't resist them.

Always amazed at how mistakes get through so many reads and readers - aren't our brains wonderful(and infuriating! :)

all best for this weeks goals:)

bonnie tookey

Well, you have been busy, and you cooked ribs. Just remember that sometimes if you push too hard, you get stuck in one spot. I think your writing is moving forward all the time. The only concern that I would have is that you, because I have done it, isolate your self too much. Give the plebeians a break. We may tell the same jokes over and over, not change our biases. etc.etc.but we are probably there for a purpose. Bland, mundane things may ease your brain a bit and who knows, you just might pick up something new from one of us! Try and infuse many things into your life, makes it richer!
(you can heed this or ignore it, but I hope you read it!LOL)

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