ROW80-1 - 01/19 - Creative procrastination
ROW80-1 - 02/02 - Too many POV's

ROW80-1 - 01/26 - New tool, new plan

I've been editing - a bit - but also reading about editing and trying to decide how to best tackle this second novel. Then I found a new tool - Story Charts. I like the way they present the plot lines of a story in a simple graph of rising and falling values, each changed marked by a turning point. Already see how it will simplify the analysis I am trying to do. There's even an online tool you can use for your own screenplay or novel - unfortunately it's public so I won't be using for my WIP. Might use something like iDesign on my iPad, or a sheet of paper and some coloured pencils. 

My second hold-up/distraction has been worrying about next steps, as my publisher for Kirk's Landing, Deux Voiliers Publishing, focuses on first time authors. Therefore, once this second novel is ready, plan was I would have to start shopping around for an agent and publisher - month's of waiting, livened up by rejection letters. This weekend we came up with plan B - we (DVP) will publish this novel too, so as to get it out there quickly and ride the momentum from the first one. Yay! Means a lot of work for the next 3-4 months but well worth it. 

Here's my status:

  • Publishing

    • Edit second novel, KL-2 - some but slow up to now. Will publish this spring - see above.

    • Marketing of first book, KL-1. Three copies on order now by Ottawa Public Library. Also release a copy via Bookcrossing, and will do a few more. Great write-up of me and the book in my local community newspaper. And, I'm looking into how to get into local schools too.

  • Writing

    • ROW80 check in's - missed Wednesday, here now.

    • Book clubs - We discussed Alice Munro's "Lives of Girls and Women". Not that impressed, gave it a 3/5. One of her earlier works, maybe they get better. 

    • How to write - 5 days behind again on blogs via Feedly. 
  • Other

    • Exercise - sometimes. It's been deathly cold lately.  

    • Courses - still doing "Intro to Forensics", but now is into way too much detail on what DNA is and how they extract it.  
    • Other entertainment. Watched a couple of episodes of Homeland, Very good. Also tried one of Girls - nope. At any rate, need to focus on editing and save these videos for the occasional break, as opposed to binge watching.

    • Socially - saw my grandkids - all three. And band is going well, several new pieces. 




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You are definitely as eclectically interested as I am. :)
Sounds like you're making some great headway.
Re: exercising...Until it warms up, my home gym (aka any room where I have some space) must suffice.
All the best...

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