ROW80-1 -2014 Goals and objectives
ROW80-1 - 01/12 - Attack of the edits

ROW80-1 - Argg! It's the Polar Vortex

The media love this image, swooping down from the north like an icy tornado, sucking up not people and cows, but warmth. Meteorologists say it's just a loop in the Jet Stream - unusual but not that rare - that has allowed artic air to push south. Way south. Towns have been shut down, crops ruined, power lines snapped, planes grounded - there seems to be nothing else in the news. Other than Rodman and his BFF Kim. 

The last few days were a good opportunity to stay in and work, at least until the sidewalk from here to the pub got salted.

Status so far:

  • Publishing

    • Edit second novel, KL-2. First pass, so am just re-acquainting myself with the story and jotting down some note. At page 70 of 270.   

    • Marketing of first book, KL-1. FB page over 80 pages now.  

    • Deux Voiliers Publishing - formatted another author's book for Kindle. Bit of a battle, especially with TOC. Finally found a reference that Amazon had changed how they handled it, and a workaround. Those buggers. 
  • Writing

    • Flash Fiction - none.

    • ROW80 check in's - today's.

    • Book clubs - book on order.

    • How to write - caught up with blogs via Feedly. 

  • Other

    • Exercise - some inside, but not out much. Did do some impromptu dance steps on the ice yesterday. 

    • Other entertainment. Now following The Best Laid Plans. It's a mini-series, from a story by a Canadian author, Terry Fallis, about politics in the Nations Capital. Light, but good. Also working my way through The Desolation of Smaug - a Hobbit story. So-so. 

    • Socially, I did manage to struggle to my local for a quart or two and stimulating conversation, and got in a grand-kid visit this afternoon. 





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