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ROW80-1 - check out 03/26 - and so it ends again

Another ROW done, with some goals met, some deferred. Was not a great one, but not too bad. Some think mine are too ambitious, but I like to give myself possibilities and see how I fill them in.

My writerly goal was to become a better writer. That can involve writing, editing, publishing, reading, learning, etc. My main non-writerly goal is to stay healthy enough to be able to enjoy life and keep on writing. That means exercise, diet, social connections, and exploring life. Healthy mind and body. The challenge of course is to maintain a balance. 

I'll repeat my objectives here, and add comments in italics on my progress. 

  • Publishing

    • Edit second novel, KL-2. I printed out my draft, and marked it up with red pen. Found lots of bugs, some holes and extra things. Also developed my plot lines and character arcs better. However, it took way too long to enter that back into Scrivener. I was planning on two months. With three months of bits and pieces am still not done. Same problem with last novel too - haven't found a way yet to manage that. Finally set up a separate non-Internet PC in another room - that helped. Hope to be finished this pass by the weekend, but will then stop. Good time to pause and I need a break.   

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ROW80-1 - check in 03/23 - Just a note

Not that I don't have a lot to say, just not a lot of time. Forgot about this post, so doing it before dinner.

The past week had been some editing, some reading, some distraction by Tomnod and the search for Malaysian flight MH370. It crowd sources the scanning of satellite images - an interesting concept. There's quite an active Facebook Page too, with quite a mix of volunteers. Some insightful, some not so much, some tending more to strange hypotheses or just plain rude behaviour.  


  • Publishing

    • Editing second novel, KL-2. Maybe 2/3 through this pass? Hard to tall, as have been adding/moving/deleting scenes, paragraphs, lines. Which is a good thing, as I can see a more solid story now. As opposed to just a good plot. 
    • Marketing of first book, KL-1. No more sales. Did get a royalty notice from Amazon for ebook sales of $1.46 (after with-holding tax). Not a payment though. It seems to have gone to another unknown bank account. On a positive note, I got the 1042-S tax form from them just fine.
  • Writing
    • ROW80 check in's - just doing weekly. And sometimes late. 
    • 'How to write' - I do enjoy all the blogs I follow. However - only 8-9 posts a day yet here I am three days behind again. 
    • Camp NaNoWriMo - hope to be done editing in time for this in April. Would like to get back to writing. It's a very open concept, so my choice is for 30 Flash in 30 days. 
  • Other 

    • Reading - did book club meeting The Long Earth, by Pratchett and Baxter.  
    • Ottawa Independent Writers - planning book fairs and readings this spring for authors. 
    • Socially - cafes and pubs. Grandkids visit. Band. 

ROW80-1 - check in 03/16 - motoring along

New editing spot helps me - as long as I remember to head there. I put up a sign, just in case I forgot where it was. Good to see the 'edited' pile getting bigger. Lots of notes for next passes, too, which all go in a note at 2014 03 16_0319the beginning. Weather still deathly cold, still a few inches of snow here and there, so not distracted to wander around outside and smell the flowers. Although tomorrow, St. Patrick's Day, will be a big party at my local tavern. Bands all day, Sam's Lebanese Irish Stew, cheap draft, and many trays of green Jello shooters. May not get a lot of work done. 

Have been reading, doing a book club, bought a URL, and went to a board meeting. 


  • Publishing

    • Editing second novel, KL-2. See above. Listening to some good tunes too, via Soundcloud. A local DJ. 
    • Marketing of first book, KL-1. Doing more - India, Pakistan, SE Asia region this time. Big e-book market there. Pointed them to Flipkart and e-Sentral sites, as well as back to XinXii. Lots of clicks and likes, hopefully some sales too. 
    • URL - bought, pointed to my author page. 
  • Writing
    • ROW80 check in's - OK. That's about all that goes on this blog though. 
    • 'How to write' - still caught up with various blogs. 
  • Other 

    • Courses - catch up later. 
    • Socially - cafes and pubs. And daughter and grandson for lunch, then over to see other grandkids. 

    • Extra - first board meeting for Ottawa Independent Writers. I do want to try to liaise better with local NaNoWriMo people. Successful in getting  OIW to focus, to think about some governance stuff - Vision/Mission/Goals/Objectives/Tasks. We even came up with a draft, that was good enough for now.



ROW80-1 - check in 03/09 - Not nearly as depressed

I love writing. I hate editing. Yet, when I get right into fine-tuning my prose, shuffling around sections, spicing up dialogue and descriptions, adding foreshadowing and metaphors, fine-tuning a turn of a phrase - it can be as creative and rewarding as churning out that first draft. I just forget about that when confronted with a thick manuscript.

I'd already printed and red-marked my current novel, but have spend the last month just fiddling with it. I've done all sorts of writerly things, either sitting at my PC or out and about, reasoning that those sort of things are close enough, are things that should be done as a writer. As opposed to painting the kitchen - now THAT would obviously be procrastinating.  But the more I fiddled about, and the less I got done, the more depressed I felt and the less I wanted to work at this ginormous task. And I do have a deadline - I have Beta readers waiting, who have generously volunteered their time. In March.  So that I can get it to copy editor, proofreader, publisher, and print and online copies and a launch. In June. 

Yesterday I got fed up enough. I cleaned up my netbook, removing anything that was slowing it down, or that might distract. I loaded in Scrivener and Dropbox, and set it up with a display and keyboard on the kitchen table. With a kitchen timer next to it. This is where I sit and edit - and so far have worked 1/4 through this current pass. Plan is to schedule some time each day for this, and focus on just editing. Then go off and do writerly things, or whatever else - guilt free and with a small sense of accomplishment.

Planning on being done before end of March. 

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