ROW80-1 - check in 03/02 - Free books
ROW80-1 - check in 03/16 - motoring along

ROW80-1 - check in 03/09 - Not nearly as depressed

I love writing. I hate editing. Yet, when I get right into fine-tuning my prose, shuffling around sections, spicing up dialogue and descriptions, adding foreshadowing and metaphors, fine-tuning a turn of a phrase - it can be as creative and rewarding as churning out that first draft. I just forget about that when confronted with a thick manuscript.

I'd already printed and red-marked my current novel, but have spend the last month just fiddling with it. I've done all sorts of writerly things, either sitting at my PC or out and about, reasoning that those sort of things are close enough, are things that should be done as a writer. As opposed to painting the kitchen - now THAT would obviously be procrastinating.  But the more I fiddled about, and the less I got done, the more depressed I felt and the less I wanted to work at this ginormous task. And I do have a deadline - I have Beta readers waiting, who have generously volunteered their time. In March.  So that I can get it to copy editor, proofreader, publisher, and print and online copies and a launch. In June. 

Yesterday I got fed up enough. I cleaned up my netbook, removing anything that was slowing it down, or that might distract. I loaded in Scrivener and Dropbox, and set it up with a display and keyboard on the kitchen table. With a kitchen timer next to it. This is where I sit and edit - and so far have worked 1/4 through this current pass. Plan is to schedule some time each day for this, and focus on just editing. Then go off and do writerly things, or whatever else - guilt free and with a small sense of accomplishment.

Planning on being done before end of March. 


  • Publishing

    • Editing second novel, KL-2. See above. 
    • Marketing of first book, KL-1. Took part in Read an E-Book week - March 2-8, via Smashwords, offering Kirk's Landing for free. Did a paid promotion via my Facebook page, with unexciting results. Not nearly the reach they predicted, and not a lot of results.  I managed to pick up 10 more 'Like's' on my page, and had 5 copies downloaded on Smashwords. Hopefully they will leave a good review and tell their friends.
  • Writing
    • ROW80 check in's - here now. 
    • 'How to write' - still caught up with various blogs. 
    • Writing - signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo for April. Format is pretty open - I think I'll be trying a story a day - Flash Fiction. Lots of prompts to choose form out there. That means editing of KL-2 has to be done,of course.
  • Other

    • Exercise - still occasionally, more on recent warm days.  

    • Courses -did some on Forensics and Storytelling courses. 
    • Other entertainment - more episodes of The Wire. 

    • Socially - social visits to cafes and pubs. And grandkids. 

    • Extra - on board for Ottawa Independent Writers. I do want to try to liaise better with local NaNoWriMo people - see above Camp NaNoWriMo. Also getting OIW to think about some governance stuff - Vision/Mission/Goals/Objectives/Tasks. 





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I'm a bit like that - putting off editing yet sort of enjoying it when I get to it - and really it is never as bad as I think it will be - why don't I learn?

all the best with getting it finished this month:)

Gloria Weber

I'll be honest. Edits depress me. They feel like they take twice as long as twice as much effort. And the fact you have to go through a draft more than once... That's why I try to sandwich it in between things I like doing (creating and odd projects) and avoid dwelling on it for too long. Sure, it takes me like a year to get a 10k work just right, but I keep my sanity!

Denise D. Young

I have an editing background--I worked at the copy desk of a daily newspaper for a summer in college and then spent five years as a magazine assistant editor--and I still feel daunted by the prospect of editing a novel. So, you're in good company. :) Like you, I'm happy once I'm in the story and engaged in the process, but when you look at the whole thing, it can be overwhelming.

Good luck with your edits!

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