ROW80-1 - check in 03/09 - Not nearly as depressed
ROW80-1 - check in 03/23 - Just a note

ROW80-1 - check in 03/16 - motoring along

New editing spot helps me - as long as I remember to head there. I put up a sign, just in case I forgot where it was. Good to see the 'edited' pile getting bigger. Lots of notes for next passes, too, which all go in a note at 2014 03 16_0319the beginning. Weather still deathly cold, still a few inches of snow here and there, so not distracted to wander around outside and smell the flowers. Although tomorrow, St. Patrick's Day, will be a big party at my local tavern. Bands all day, Sam's Lebanese Irish Stew, cheap draft, and many trays of green Jello shooters. May not get a lot of work done. 

Have been reading, doing a book club, bought a URL, and went to a board meeting. 


  • Publishing

    • Editing second novel, KL-2. See above. Listening to some good tunes too, via Soundcloud. A local DJ. 
    • Marketing of first book, KL-1. Doing more - India, Pakistan, SE Asia region this time. Big e-book market there. Pointed them to Flipkart and e-Sentral sites, as well as back to XinXii. Lots of clicks and likes, hopefully some sales too. 
    • URL - bought, pointed to my author page. 
  • Writing
    • ROW80 check in's - OK. That's about all that goes on this blog though. 
    • 'How to write' - still caught up with various blogs. 
  • Other 

    • Courses - catch up later. 
    • Socially - cafes and pubs. And daughter and grandson for lunch, then over to see other grandkids. 

    • Extra - first board meeting for Ottawa Independent Writers. I do want to try to liaise better with local NaNoWriMo people. Successful in getting  OIW to focus, to think about some governance stuff - Vision/Mission/Goals/Objectives/Tasks. We even came up with a draft, that was good enough for now.




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Wow... You've really taken the world by storm (or should I say "taking the world by Dave"), Mike. I didn't know about the huge ebook market over in SE Asia. I guess it makes sense though. When space is a priority....

Peeked over at the new author site. I like it.

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