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Time for another Flash Fiction. This is from an old prompt from Flash Fiction Friday - FFF - Cycle 3 - Themed word list. It was from October, so list was omen, umbrella, shallow and death. 466 words.


Dan rolled over and slapped the snooze button. He opened one eye to peer at the time. 7:13, Friday the 13th. No big deal to him, as he didn't believe in omens, whether good or bad.  Although he did think that his latest promotion was more a matter of luck more than ability. He'd tried to tell his co-worker Susan that was all it was, but in reality she just didn't know how to work the system.  At least now he wouldn't have to listen to her whining about how poor she and her kids were. But, whatever the reason, he didn't want to be late on his first day as manager.

To save a bit of time he tried shaving in the shower, but ended up not only trying to see himself in a foggy mirror, but nicking himself, and then knocking the mirror to the shower floor. Luckily he avoided cutting his foot on the broken pieces. Breakfast went well, considering the milk had somehow soured since yesterday, and he was soon rushing out the door, coffee mug in one hand, briefcase in the other. He remembered the house keys just as he slammed the door shut - in fact he could still see them inside on the table, complete with the rabbit's foot his mother had given him.  He kept it just to please her, although it did have a nice soft feel. He'd told her that any good luck for him was balanced out against the bad luck of the rabbit that had lost it, so these things likely all cancelled out - even if they did exist. No time to worry about keys now. He did manage to score the last seat on the bus, ahead of some chubby woman with a big knapsack on her back. She looked like she sat all day, and could do with the extra bit of exercise anyway. Then, just before his stop, a pretty blond took her place, so he was able to pretend gallantry and offer her his seat.

It started to rain just as he got off the bus, but careful planning meant he had an umbrella with him for the short dash. As he approached his building he spotted a ladder propped in front, taking up most of the side walk. He was about to dash under it when he noticed a shallow puddle underneath. Might as well go around, just in case. When he darted around the end, a gust of wind tugged at his umbrella, pulling him off balance.  As he tottered off the curb, the second last thing he saw was a beautiful rainbow, arching over a city bus. The last thing he saw before his death was the front of the bus, and its sign. Cross-town #13.


ROW80-2 - 04/23 - Editing soon?

Missed last Sunday because my provider, Typepad, was down for a couple of days with a DDoS attack. Missed yesterday because I forgot ;-) 

But, here I am now, enjoying spring, reading, marketing, and not editing. Weather Has been above freezing every day, only dipped below a couple of nights, and no snow in the forecast. Fingers crossed though, as it's not until mid-May that gardeners here consider it safe to put out seedlings. I've a book review to do, several marketing initiatives underway, and various books on the started-to-read pile. Time to sort through those, as I'm starting to think about resuming my editing of Book #2. My alpha-reader says she is almost done with her suggestions. I've seen some - quite extensive in parts, but good for the most part, and are all just suggestions.

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ROW80-2 - 04/16 - Weird Weather

We've had some strange weather lately. +26C on Monday, then below zero Tuesday, We even got some flurries. Just want this winter to be over so that I can wander my hood without getting all bundled up. 

I've been busy cleaning up odds and ends on my to-do list, and am starting to think about editing. With fondness, not dread. Maybe next week, after the spring festival celebrations.

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Finding Your Niche

Woke up early today so decided to do a little story. This is from an old prompt from the Flash Fiction Friday site - now shut down unfortunately. My story is 495 words.

F3 - Cycle 2 - First Sentence. "Mom said I was going to be something one day."


Finding Your Niche

Mom said I was going to be something one day.
Dad would just shake his head and laugh, then my brothers would all join in, following his lead. He'd say that all I'd be was married to one of the Johnson boys, with kids hanging onto my skirts. He figured that if it was good enough for my mom, it damn well would be good enough for me. So that was that, as far as he was concerned. Not for my brothers, though. When they weren't bossing me around, they loved to tease me - but not in a good way like mom and I did with each other. It was in a mean way, just to torment me. I was always getting pinched and tripped and bumped - all laughed off as accidents. Staying by mom worked when I was little, but once I was too big to carry I figured I was better off just keeping out of everyone's way. I was too little to take on many chores, so after I'd helped mom a bit she'd smile and shoo me outside. I learned just to head out into the peace and quiet of the woods. I could knock down a squirrel with a rock, catch a grouse in my bare hands, and tickle a trout out of the stream.  I learned to creep along like a ghost, to hide and wait for my prey. I'd see my dad and brothers out hunting, or cutting firewood, but they never saw me. Not even when I'd creep back to the farm, and watch. And wait. They worked hard, but it seemed there was always something going wrong, and then Doc would be over patching someone up. Either a safety shield on the baler would slip, or a gun would jam and backfire, or some wild boars would surprise them at a campsite.  Mom told Doc I was the only careful one in the family, that I wasn't wild like the boys. I'd catch her watching me sometimes though, thoughtful like.
Even after the big fire, when the doctors and then the police got involved, she still believed in me. It was just the two of us then, but we were okay after the insurance paid off. She was still convinced that once I found my thing there'd be no stopping me. She was right. I took some of the money into town, bought her some nice dresses, and bought myself the first of many rifles. Hunting gave me the peace I sought, through the isolation, the focus on a goal, the sharpening of skills, the precision of the perfect choice in hardware. I'd bring home squirrels, foxes, deer, once even a big bear. She praised me, as always, but I knew I had to show her that I could really be something.
Today was the day. High above the crowd, I peered through the scope, looking for just the perfect target to start with.