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ROW80-2 - 04/23 - Editing soon?

ROW80-2 - 04/16 - Weird Weather

We've had some strange weather lately. +26C on Monday, then below zero Tuesday, We even got some flurries. Just want this winter to be over so that I can wander my hood without getting all bundled up. 

I've been busy cleaning up odds and ends on my to-do list, and am starting to think about editing. With fondness, not dread. Maybe next week, after the spring festival celebrations.


  • Publishing

    • My second novel, KL-2, is still being reviewed by my 'alpha' reader. She's finding lots of good things.  

    • Help other's publish. I'm coordinating a book reading and sale at our local farner's market. It's the downtown Byward Market - we're planning to be the Bards of the Byward. Four or five local authors doing readings to tourists and local shoppers. We'll have a small amp and big ambitions. We pay a fee for that, but the book stalls are free for us. Hopefully will sell some copies. 
    • Continue to market first book, KL-1. I send notes off to a few more libraries to get them to order my book. Gets me more exposure, and possibly cash via the Public Lending Right Program. It's run by the Canada Council for the Arts, and is designed to compensate Canadian authors for the sales they 'lose' by putting their books in a library. I personally think it's sales gained, as it's more publicity - but I won't argue if they send me a check. I also 

    • Taxes - got my US ITIN number. Which stops the 30% income tax with-holding they were making Amazon US and Smashwords do on my ebooks. Yay. 
  • Writing

    • I did try a Flash Fiction - a little thing with a twist. Is based on the opening sentence "Mom said I was going to be something one day".

    • ROW80 check in's - Wednesday's

    • Reading - Catching up. Current one is from a fellow local author now - Humanity's Saving Grace. He read mine and did a nice review - my turn

    • How to write - still keeping up to date with writer/editor/publisher blogs I follow. Mostly skim then save in a file. At some time I'll have to go through that file! 

  • Other

    • Exercise - spring is here. Sort of. Hid inside for a day. 

    • Band - practiced for a concert we have in two weeks, at a retirement home. We need about 40 minutes worth of music - a challenge.

    • Courses - Catching up. Finished my Intro to Forensics MOOC - quick listen and file for later. Sort of relevant for my stories, but was a boring presentation - often just someone talking over a very sparse slide show. Did another chunk of The Future of Storytelling MOOC. Interesting, but mostly about stories in gaming. 
    • Other entertainment. Just watching the crime series Wallander - UK version. 

    • Social - coffee shop, cafe, pubs, grandkids, beach, neighbourhood strolls.

    • Volunteer - joined the board of my writers group, Ottawa Independent Writers. Coordinating above book event for some members, as a pilot project.


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Wow, your list of goals is extensive, but looks like you are doing well with them. The weather seems to be crazy everywhere. We have a nice sunny day here, but it is cold out and is supposed to rain much of Easter weekend. Oh well, Inside is nice too.

The US tax stuff is crazy sometimes. Congrats on dealing with that bureaucracy.

Sounds like your publishing/writing activities are going along as well. That is really cool that both the national and local support for authors is there. That needs to be in more places.

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