ROW80-2 - 04/16 - Weird Weather

ROW80-2 - 04/23 - Editing soon?

Missed last Sunday because my provider, Typepad, was down for a couple of days with a DDoS attack. Missed yesterday because I forgot ;-) 

But, here I am now, enjoying spring, reading, marketing, and not editing. Weather Has been above freezing every day, only dipped below a couple of nights, and no snow in the forecast. Fingers crossed though, as it's not until mid-May that gardeners here consider it safe to put out seedlings. I've a book review to do, several marketing initiatives underway, and various books on the started-to-read pile. Time to sort through those, as I'm starting to think about resuming my editing of Book #2. My alpha-reader says she is almost done with her suggestions. I've seen some - quite extensive in parts, but good for the most part, and are all just suggestions.



  • Publishing

    • See above, second novel, KL-2, still being reviewed.   

    • Help other's publish. Still working to coordinate a book reading and sale at our local farner's market. Forms filled out, waiting for the okay - it's different so they need to discuss it.  
    • Continue to market first book, KL-1. Signed a consignment form for local Chapters/Indigo - on shelves soon. They keep 45%.  

    • Taxes - got my US ITIN number. Which stops the 30% income tax with-holding they were making Amazon US and Smashwords do on my ebooks. Yay. 
  • Writing

    • ROW80 check in's - Wednesday's, on Thursday.

    • Reading - Catching up- see above. I started the Luminaries, based on several recommendations, including the awarding of the 2013 Man Booker Prize. I'd forgotten how Dickens' style could be both interesting and annoying. I got about 100 pages in, and did find it interesting, but would have preferred getting it via a series of installments. That way I wouldn't have know it was over 800 pages long. Some reviewers actually recommended a spot at the 600 page limit as a good place to stop, saying that enough was wrapped up by then. Returned it to the library, and it's now on my pile of books to be read over a long lazy vacation. 

    • How to write - still keeping up to date with writer/editor/publisher blogs I follow. 

  • Other

    • Exercise - spring is here. Sort of, so more strolling about. More of a power walk I guess - I take long strides. 

    • Courses - Catching up. Did more of The Future of Storytelling MOOC.Thinking of another one, which starts April 28. It's via The Open University and is called Start Writing Fiction. I know, I'm writing it already, but might have some good exercises in it. The focus is on creating characters. The promo looks interesting.  - 
    • Other entertainment. Avoiding online courses but have watched some hockey. Unusual for me.

    • Social - coffee shop, cafe, pubs, grandkids, neighbourhood strolls.


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Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

We're experiencing the same sort of shadow play with spring here in upstate New York. Just when you think it's safe to leave the sweater at home ...

Good news about several things here--the taxman leaveth, and the suggestions cometh. The new MOOC sounds interesting, so I look forward to reports if you do pursue it.

It's looks like you've made a great start on the Round, Mike.

Janet Parfitt

I have signed up for the Open University course on creating characters! If you sign up too we can do it together!


Janet - signed up already. Also scheduled to re-start my editing, but will manage the two fine I'm sure.
Elizabeth - thanks for the reminder, have to do taxes here too. Hopefully the folder is full of all the receipts I need.

Sione Aeschliman

Have you written before about the tax situation? I'd be super interested in reading a post about your experience and how you figured out what you needed to do.

I can relate to feeling overwhelmed by a really long book that's hard to get into. Dickens's Bleak House was like that for me. Ultimately I'm glad I finished it and I appreciate what the book does, but it was a slog for a while, mostly because the narrator starts out so judgmental.

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