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ROW80-2 - 04/28 - Byward Bards Busking for Books

Sorry for the abundance of alliteration, but it just happened. This Sunday I'll be joining some fellow writers in a marketing experiment. We'll be appearing in Ottawa's Byward Market area, doing reading from our books. Which meant I had to get a busker's licence, as the area 'needs' to regulate any street performers. We're trying for two time slots - 2-3 and 4-5 pm - but are competing for the two 'allowed' spots with other street performers, so might just get other times. Or none. No idea whether people will stop and listen, whether they will clap or jeer. Like I said - an experiment. We also have a book stall set up to sell from - not right by the busking area, unfortunately, but we are still hoping we can flog a few.  

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Down the Road Apiece

This was a quick piece I wrote for an online course I'm taking, Start Writing Fiction. A good course, with the focus on characters. The prompt was to turn on the radio and write about the first thing you heard. They were just announcing Down the Road Apiece, by Chuck Berry. 

Here's my draft - 

"Hey, move on now, this ain't your corner. Get on down the road a piece." Jasmine waved her hands as if to shoo her away.
Hanna smiled and shook her head. Time was she could pick any corner down here that she wanted. Time was when she dressed like this it was for the camera. She still had the long legs and red hair that had turned heads and attracted fashion contracts, but the high life and drugs had aged her fast. Suddenly she had too many wrinkles, too many bits sagging to be re-touched. No more high profit spots for her in magazines, so poverty had forced her onto the street.
Jasmine frowned. "Ho, you better not be laughing at me. I mean it, get your skinny ass down the street before I kick it there." She took a step forward but Hanna was already heading away.
She waved a hand at Jasmine.  "No, just thinkin' of something sister, we're good." 

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ROW80-2 - 05/25 - Writing with a passion?

A friend posted an article about finding your passion, and then following it. It is a good idea, as an alternative to not knowing what you really want to do in life, to just drifting along the path of least resistance. But maybe some of us have several passions. Maybe there's not a specific thing we want to leap out of bed everyday to start, and keep working at until midnight. Maybe we have something we like yet avoid at the same time. 

Writing is like that for me I think. I like starting with an idea, adding in some characters and plot, tacking on a twist at the end, and then crafting it all into a good story. I'm also keen on reading -can lose my self for hours in books. And photography - especially back alley mural work. None are a real passion but I can get carried away with them at times. 

I do miss writing lately. I've been spending time editing - which is like writing, in that there can be creativity in the tweaking of a phrase or adjustment of a character arc. But it also can be plodding at times. I've also being spending time helping in a publishing group, as well as marketing my first novel. All necessary, all writerly things, but none are writing. I did start an online course, Start Writing Fiction, but the aforementioned 'other' activities have pushed i down in priority, Maybe it needs to be pushed back up. 

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ROW80-2 - 05/21 - Just some status updates

No long post, mainly busy editing - see below.


  • Publishing

    • Editing - I've done some updating of Kirk's Landing. Needed to change time frame, as started up too soon after first book. 
    • Formatting other books. I got feedback on errors for one of books from Smashwords - EPUB problems. I think I see the causes, so now just need to do some tweaking.

    • Editing of other authors. I started structural edit of another book. Will need a lot of copy editing, but trying to keep focus high. 

    • Ebooks in libraries. I'm online via Kindle, Xin-Xii, and Smashwords. Smashwords just announced a deal with Overdrive, who supply ebooks to over 20,000 libraries worldwide. Traditional publishers often supply the books with prices marked way up and a limited number of consecutive reads. Smashwords figures their indie authors - and some 200,000 books - just want to get out there. Our ebooks will therefore be supplied with a perpetual licence, and we are encouraged to  leave the price as is - or less.
  • Writing

    • ROW80 check in - on time!
    • Reading - Just picked up a couple more mysteries from the library. Why???? 

    • How to write - keeping up with blogs, but pretty well skimming and filing to Evernote

  • Other

    • Exercise - nice days of spring. Maybe time to get pumped up. Bike tires I mean.

    • Courses -Via The Open University, Start Writing Fiction. Still on last week's, but catching up. 

    • Other entertainment. Hockey Monday night - while reading. 

    • Band - oops - skipped this week.
    • Social - met daughter and gkid for some shopping. Nice. Good times with friends at local pubs too, but sort of negates any exercise I do.