ROW80-2 - 05/21 - Just some status updates
Down the Road Apiece

ROW80-2 - 05/25 - Writing with a passion?

A friend posted an article about finding your passion, and then following it. It is a good idea, as an alternative to not knowing what you really want to do in life, to just drifting along the path of least resistance. But maybe some of us have several passions. Maybe there's not a specific thing we want to leap out of bed everyday to start, and keep working at until midnight. Maybe we have something we like yet avoid at the same time. 

Writing is like that for me I think. I like starting with an idea, adding in some characters and plot, tacking on a twist at the end, and then crafting it all into a good story. I'm also keen on reading -can lose my self for hours in books. And photography - especially back alley mural work. None are a real passion but I can get carried away with them at times. 

I do miss writing lately. I've been spending time editing - which is like writing, in that there can be creativity in the tweaking of a phrase or adjustment of a character arc. But it also can be plodding at times. I've also being spending time helping in a publishing group, as well as marketing my first novel. All necessary, all writerly things, but none are writing. I did start an online course, Start Writing Fiction, but the aforementioned 'other' activities have pushed i down in priority, Maybe it needs to be pushed back up. 


  • Publishing
    • Editing - not much on Kirk's Landing. Seem to spend too much time on odds and ends.

    • Formatting other books. Problems with EPUB and Smashwords. After much playing with styles I just nuked the offending sections - meaning copy and paste to Notepad then copy back in. Mystery MSWord codes gone, all OK.

    • Editing of other authors. Did first read for structural edit of another book. 

  • Writing

    • Did a short (380 word) story for online course
    • ROW80 check in - on time!

    • Reading - Finished Knots and Crosses, by Ian Rankin. Excellent first book, put in a library request for next one. 

    • How to write - behind again, so time for a blitz. Should drop some feeds. 

  • Other

    • Exercise - nice days of spring. Big marathon race went by at the corner this morning. Motivated me to suck in my gut as I cheered then on.

    • Courses -Via The Open University, Start Writing Fiction. Still behind. 

    • Ottawa Independent Writers meeting - good reading by Nancy Richler from her novel Imposter Bride. Bad presentation by someone on book covers. 
    • Other entertainment. Watching a bit of Merlin series online. Watched the movie Hannah.

    • Chores - did my 2013 taxes finally. Owe money. 
    • Social - usual good times with friends at local pubs and cafes. 



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It sounds like you are a Scanner, otherwise known as a multipotentialite! (Me, too!) Have you hard of Barbara Sher? She's written some great books about what she has named Scanners. And Emilie Wapnick has set up an online community for what she calls Multipotentialites. It might be worth checking both these out. :)

Still, an impressive week in terms of achievements, so I'll say "Well done!".

Beth Camp

I really agree about the editing. Sometimes I think I'd rather be writing and writing from research than editing. But maybe it IS time to push that writing class back up to the top to inspire you to write stories. My first book, Standing Stones, began with such a short story. Thanks for the note re Ian Rankin; I'll look for his book here. May you have a good week.

Gloria Weber

I totally get what you mean about editing and how the other fiddly bits of not-writing-but-related-to-writing stuff are not writing. So, while meeting your obligations to writing, but not really writing, it leaves you unsatisfied. However, you have to do those parts and... And if I had a suggestion I'd give it to you. I too struggle with juggling them.

You seem to be doing well with your goals. I hope things keep going well for you.

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