ROW80-3 - 07/23 - Actually editing
Rough Water

ROW80-3 - 07/27 - Revitalized

I had a book signing Saturday at a downtown book store - Chapters Rideau. I was there from 11:30 to 5 and sold 7 books. And I consider the day a success. Firstly - these sales were to 7 strangers, as my friends had all bought 2014 07 26_0653acopies. I'd hope some would still come to cheer me on, but didn't happen. Oh well. Still, these were people that I convinced to stop, hear my spiel, and part with $13.95. But secondly - I also convinced another dozen or so people to stop and talk about writing - about the process of developing an idea, doing an outline, actually writing (as part of NaNoWriMo), editing, finding a publisher, editing more, publishing, and marketing. As well as learning to be a writer - via reading, courses, Flash Fiction challenges, writing groups, practice, and feedback from critique partners. That was the part that really revitalized me - talking about both what I had done so far, and what I hope to do. Plus trying to help others along the writerly road. So - ignoring the $18 parking for the day, and the 5 1/2 hours I spent there - it was a good day. Oh - and they'd had 10 book on consignment, with only 10 on the shelf. For 90 days, which sort of expired mid-July. The manager agreed to take 7 more to replace the sold ones, and put all 10 up on the shelf!  

Lessons learned? Better promo. Not necessarily online - just day-of, in person. I did a nice sign in a plexi stand from Staples, of basically just the cover. I could have used 2-3 more of them, scattered around the store, saying was a book signing. I was in a high traffic area though, so had lots of opportunities to engage people. My business cards went well too, for people not ready to buy. Cards said: 

  • Kirk's Landing
  • Police, First Nations, and an unsolved murder, all in a small northern town.
  • Available locally and online 
  • Details at


  • Editing - working thru this pass still, blending in alpha reader's feedback and mine.
  • Other
    • MArketing - Book signing. See above.
    • Reading - Read Mother Courage and her Children - seemed appropriate given the several wars conflicts going on, Good story.  
    • More Continuum. Almost done Season Three. 
    • More Ingress game. Almost Level 6 now. Lots of walking to find sites. Bought a bigger external iPhone battery too, as this sucks power. 
    • Met my grandkids out in Orleans for a pic-a-nik lunch at a park. Nice time. I just brought Lunchables and juice boxes.



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