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ROW80-3 - 08/03 - More challenges

Sorry, missed last Wednesday's check in. I have good intentions to get these done, then decide to wait until end of day for a better status, then it's the next morning, and then another day is gone. But I have been busy doing writerly things. Editing, reading, and - WRITING. I took on a challenge for August, from the DIY MFA site. It's called Conquer the Craft, and will challenge you with a daily writing prompt for the month. Interesting so far. August 1 prompt was to write a letter outlining what we hoped to get from this and what any roadblocks might be. August 2 was a short story based on a piece of music, and today was a VERY short story, more of a hint. 25 words or less. I did a haiku.

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Rough Water

I signed up for a challenge for August, because I didn't have enough between editing - my novel and another's - reading, formatting, and enjoying summer. It's called Conquer the Craft, and consists of a prompt a day. Day One had me write a letter to myself about my goals for this course, and possible roadblocks. Day Two's challenge is musical, to listen to a piece of music and then write a story or scene based on it.

Now, I'm not big on using a piece of music to start me on a prompt. It always seems too subjective, like seeing all sorts of existential meaning in a scribble of Modern Art. My worry is that I'll be wrong, I suppose. Which is a form of writer's block, of being blocked by one's internal editor.  

Many of the pieces suggested were familiar enough that all I could see was a Walt Disney cartoon playing, but the Egmont Overture by Beethoven was new to me, and only a seven minute excerpt. After the first pass, I had a few random ideas, but nothing positive. Second pass it sounded like a contrast between two people - one big and tough, one gentle. And reminded me of water, maybe of canoeing. Maybe two people in a canoe, maybe a fight of some sort. Then I realized I hadn't really listened to the rest of the piece, but was distracted by the story. I tried again, did better at forcing myself to focus on the music, but still got distracted several times.
So I figured I had my story, and stopped listening to the music and started listening to the characters. This one's 937 words.
BTW - It's supposed to be only 30 minutes of writing, with no editing. I suppose that's to make it an easily doable challenge. This one took more like a couple of hours, but they were fun hours. 

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