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ROW80-3 - 08/03 - More challenges

Sorry, missed last Wednesday's check in. I have good intentions to get these done, then decide to wait until end of day for a better status, then it's the next morning, and then another day is gone. But I have been busy doing writerly things. Editing, reading, and - WRITING. I took on a challenge for August, from the DIY MFA site. It's called Conquer the Craft, and will challenge you with a daily writing prompt for the month. Interesting so far. August 1 prompt was to write a letter outlining what we hoped to get from this and what any roadblocks might be. August 2 was a short story based on a piece of music, and today was a VERY short story, more of a hint. 25 words or less. I did a haiku.


  • Editing - Yes - still at it. I do an hour or so at a time, so maybe have only a few days left for this pass. Much more to do though.
  • Writing - did a short story as part of a challenge. Nicely dark, of course. 
  • Reading - Trollbreaker, on sale via Kindle, Good - review here. Mother Courage and Her Children, by Brecht. A good short story. Would like to buy a copy, but need to find one with stage directions, like the library version I have.
  • Other - Ingress - at Level 6 now. Continuum - finished Season 3. Hell on Wheels - new online series that could be a distraction.



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Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

I'm doing the DIY MFA challenge as well, Mike, although I'm getting slightly behind (already!) I just started watching Hell on Wheels, which given my interest, means it will certainly be a distraction.

It sounds as though you're definitely doing writerly things, so I'll forgive you for the late check-ins! ;)


It's a challenge to do the challenge - but that's their point I guess ;-) They do say to set a timer for 29 minutes, and to keep that inner editor turned off.

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