An Ending
Mixed Blessings

ROW80-3 - 08/10 - Summer is fading

The days are still nice, but the nights are getting longer - and cooler. I'm still struggling to focus on editing, and being every so creative in finding ways to avoid it. This week I did more writing for the DIY MFA challenge, more reading of fiction novels, and more walking and hacking (for Ingress). Busy week, just not on the right things all the time. And now fall is fast approaching and I did want to get this second book out and done with by NaNoWriMo. Maybe I need to get back to my 'allotted times per task each day' approach - starting with editing first thing. Then if I get distracted later on, at least the key things are done, and not left to stare me in the face at 10 pm. 


  • Editing - Yes - still at it. Finished blending in alpha reader feedback, now going through again to pump up weak scenes and flesh out characters. Still a lot to do after that, but getting there.
  • Writing - I did three more short stories, The Fortune Cookie, Not So Ordinary, and An Ending. All are part of the #CTC29 writing challenge. A good start, but am now three days behind. We'll see. It was nice to get back into writing but need to save as a treat for after editing done for the day. 
  • Reading - Read The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry. It's an excellent story. Got it from the library mid-afternoon and several hours later was done! On my 'to-be-bought' list. Finished Trollbreaker too. Currently reading A Turn of Light (about 3/4 thu, excellent) and almost done The Mysterium. See what I mean? Reminds me of high school, when I devoured the sci-fi and fantasy section of my small town's library. And failed a number of subjects.
  • Other
    • Ingress - I'm at Level 7 now.
    • Hell on Wheels - new online series that is a distraction. Just watched S01E09.
    • Visited grandkids, and helped assemble a BBQ. Fun.
    • Sent in a book review for the newsletter of one of my groups. 


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