Mixed Blessings
ROW80-3 - 08/17 - The NeverEnding Story

ROW80-3 - 08/13 - Some progress

I have been making better progress on editing. I started a spreadsheet, with scene numbers down one side and a whole list of things across the top, such as summary, characters, themes, and locations. I took the list of 'extra things' I'd though to add, and either plugged them in a spot or kept them on a list by my side. Still plodding through scene by scene but I can see an end in the distance. I've been writing too. Put my library hold requests all on suspend for a month though, as they can wait.


  • Editing
    • Plodding through (see above). Been trying to get it done forst thing in the day - that helps.
    • Beta readers - I will need some in a couple of weeks
  • Writing
    • #CTC29 challenge - I did another quick story, Mixed Blessings.
    • NaNoWriMo 2014 - I have an idea of a story, based on a portal idea I explored with some Flash Fictions. Some fantasy, covers our world and a medieval type, with a heroine searching for meaning. And her captured husband. Feedback appreciated - I can send a synopsis out. 
  • Reading
    • Finished  A Turn of Light (excellent) and The Mysterium (disappointing).  Have one last library ebook, Lawrence in Arabia. It's a non-fiction, covering the history of the Middle East since the First World War. When Europe and America divided it up and made this mess. Well recommended.
  • Publishing - I got another draft from a new Deux Voiliers Publishing author, so am reading through it once again. Still mostly for structure, although I can see where it will need a fair bit of copy editing.
  • Other
    • Hell on Wheels series - into Season Two now.
    • Ingress - still fun. And gets me out wandering the neighbourhood, orften with detours to grab an extra portal or two.
    • I was much saddened by the death of Robin Williams, but pleased at the amount of dicussion that was stimulated - online and with my friends and family - about depression and mental illness in general. 


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Okay, I'm going to try commenting on your blog again. LOL

Plodding through edits is better than not DOING edits. :)

When I read your last blog post, I was intrigued by that game, Ingress. I've watched videos about it, but I'm still not sure I get it. Interesting, though.

Beth Camp

Haven't stopped by in a while, but I'm so pleased to see you are still writing. If you need a beta reader, zip me an e-mail. I like that idea of using a spreadsheet for editing, but I'm in the earliest stages of drafting, where my research brings new ideas and words in bits and bytes. All the best . . .


Lots achieved this week! It sounds like you're doing well with #CTC29, too. I had to bow out after Day 2 although I' might turn my hand to it later on...

If you're looking for some feedback for your NaNo novel, I'm happy to take a look. :)

All the best with your goals for the next week. See you at the next check in.


Ingress is good for exercise, in that I often take detours to catch an extra portal. But I do pause often to do something at each site, so not that brisk a walk.


Thx Beth - I have enough for beta I think. Joyce J and Eden M from the writing gang, then my muse/technical consultant plus a book club friend that's also a theatre director.

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