ROW80-3 - 08/13 - Some progress
ROW80-3 - 08/27 - Free books

ROW80-3 - 08/17 - The NeverEnding Story

My editing stint feels like it will never be finished. I don't mean that search some of us do for the final 5% of perfection, I mean structural editing. Pre-copy edit, pre-proofread. I've been at this since I think February, just futzing along. I don't especially enjoy editing, and I find it even more difficult for this second book. I've read even more about editing, and have an even longer list for this book of things I need to remember to do. So, even though it was a cleaner draft than book #1, the possibilities seem infinite. It is improving as I work, but sometimes it's hard to tell. Hence my lack of motivation, as I don't even know how big the task is. I did give up in July and send it out to an alpha reader (pre-beta) which helped a bit - it's a better story now. 

I need a deadline - so, here it is. Get this out by end of August to beta readers. 

I have several fellow writers that had volunteered months ago to help, so will be contacting them first. I need some that have read the first novel, but also some that have not, to see if the second can stand on its own. If I need more volunteers I won't hesitate to ask though. I'm not looking for grammar or spelling checks in particular. I just want feedback on whether the story works, if the characters are believable, is the dialogue good, does it all flow well with the appropriate peaks and valleys. I'd hope for everything back by the end of September, so I can get it to my editor/publisher, and then publish before Christmas.


  • Editing
    • Plodding through (see above). 
  • Writing
    • #CTC29 challenge - I haven't kept up with these anymore. Great prompts, but too busy either editing or feeling guilty about not editing. I'll keep them all on file for later. Maybe some peer pressure added to the process wouId have helped.  
  • Reading
    • Ordered a few new books, and picked up copies of others at local thrift store. Mostly ones I've read and enjoyed, so should be fairly safe. 
  • Publishing - I've paused on the draft I was reading for another author, as still have a number of plot issues. I asked them for a synopsis and outline, as way to help them focus on what the story is about, and then what is the plot that conveys that story.
  • Other
    • Netflix - Hell on Wheels series as well as bits of movies. Dangerous. 
    • Ingress - tend to do this on my way for something else. 
    • Social - less tolerance lately of others. Maybe it's related to my editing grumpiness.


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I am in a similar position as you on my current WIP. I know exactly how you are feeling about editing. It is an incredibly frustrating process and I usually get very despondent. Good Luck on the end of August deadline, I sincerely hope it works out for you!


Hoping the deadline helps. Editing can feel like the never-ending story. Sometimes I wonder if I actually want to learn more ... but, of course, I do.


Editing is going better, thanks. And have beta readers lined up and waiting - some extra pressure.


I hope the edits are going well. That deadline you've set is coming up, so I'm wishing you all the very best with your workload.

Take good care of yourself.

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