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ROW80-4 - 12/24 - Done again

Here we are, the end of another Round, and almost the end of another year. I had my kids and grandkids over on the 14th, so I've already been sort of enjoying the post Christmas pause.

I did do some writerly things, the last few days:

  • Publishing
    • I've sent request to various libraries across Canada asking that that they carry Kirk's Landing. Most do not acknowledge, and orders may go through a central distribution, so it's easiest just to check their online catalogues. So far I've sent requests to 27 and seven have copies in stock or on order. 
    • I did another promo via a post on my FB page. Links to my tourtiere and my moosemilk recipes, as well as to a 50% off Smashwords coupon good until Boxing Day. A paid promo to boost the FB post, but as usual falls way short of their estimates for reach. Only cost $8 but I've decide these are not worth it. No Smashwords sales either, in spite of the discount.
  • Writing - I'm playing around with a Flash Fiction for this prompt. I have an idea for something that's Christmasy. And dark. 
  • Reading - I bought yet more books at the local thrift store. They even have a seniors discount on Wednesday - damn them! Too many books! 

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ROW80-4 - 12/21 - Post Christmas Break

Since I had my family all over on the 14th, this is sort of my break between Christmas and New Years. I've been catching up on some odds and ends and planning my planning. I finished a Kindle book - Gods Inc. - a first book that was not great, but okay. I'm now in the midst of Snow Crash, a cyber-punk novel written in the 90's. Not Kindle, but a yellowed second hand copy. On the screen I've been watching yet more Marvel S.H.I.E.L D., as well as The Newsroom. Finally, I'm still thinking of the New Year and writing. I've had enough of a break now that I'm looking forward to editing book #2. 

Not sure what - if anything - I'll be doing Christmas day. 

BTW - did a post the other day with some Christmas goodies for all. 

Some Christmas Presents

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukha, Winter Solstice, Joyful Shopping Frenzy - whatever you might be celebrating at this time of year. Hopefully it's a time that you can share with friends and family, reflecting on the year that's past and the year that's coming, as the sun returns.

I've prepared a selection of gifts for you for the season:

  • My first Flash Fiction, Christmas in a Strange Place
  • A secret tourtiere recipe. I use this for our family's annual food exchange. 
  • A coupon for 50% off my first book, Kirk's Landing, via Smashwords. Code CD99R, good until Boxing Day. Here's a link to my author page too, where you can read the first chapter and find out where to buy paperback copies too - whether online, or in local bookstores. I also have copies with me as I visit my local cafes and pubs, discounted and signed. If you already have a copy, here are some places where you can leave a review.
  • A recipe that makes a lot of Moose Milk


ROW80-4 12/17 - Done Until January

I had my kids and grandkids over last Sunday for Christmas at my place. They all had other commitments up to the 25th, so December 14th it was. I spent a few days unwinding after NaNoWriMo, and then threw myself into cleaning, decorating, shopping, and baking. We do a food exchange: jars of jams and jellies and dry mixes from my daughter, tins of cookies from my son, tourtiere from me. I baked the turkey surprise, as well as mashed potatoes and peas/corn. My kids brought a sweet potato casserole, a cauliflower dish, and a spice cake. All cooperated to prepare, serve, and clean up, which was nice. Then we did stockings. Santa brings those early and makes sure most of the things inside are practical. Except for the three kids of course.

So, now I'm done with Christmas, at least officially, I'm free for the next couple of weeks to watch PC TV, go for walks, visit my cafes and pubs, or just read. In January it's back to work. I need to edit book #2, give the other three drafts a quick review, and find an agent/publisher. And tune up, add to, and publish my short stories. And learn more about writing, whether it be from books, online, courses, or critique groups.

I'll be doing a plan. 

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