ROW80-4 - 11/05 - NaNo NaNo
ROW80-4 12/17 - Done Until January

ROW80-4 12/03 - NaNo Habits

One of the benefits of NaNoWriMo is supposed to be that you will develop good writing habits that will carry on long after it's over. That happened my first time, in 2010. I wrote early each day, faithfully, and after it was over wrote 1-2 Flash Fiction a week. However, it was downhill from there. This year, my NaNoWriting was often late at night, crammed in before the midnight cut-off. I did get finished, but found it a struggle.

Maybe it was the topic itself - a portal story between 'here' and a Medieval England sort of world. My heroine. Mary, was a biathlete, world traveller, and writer, until a blown knee forced her retirement. She married a nice guy, moved into a fancy house in a trendy neighbourhood, and had a beautiful baby boy. She has it all, and is bored and misses her life of adventure. She can't even get going on her adventure books - she has nothing to write about.And feels guilty for not embracing motherhood and suburbia like everyone is supposed to. Then her child crawls through a portal into another world and is lost. What follows is her quest for her son, and her discovery of another world, great friends, and lots of adventure and romance. Oh - and magic.

So, yes I did finish, but missed a month of ROW80 posts.

I'll summarize: 

  • Publishing- Editing is on hold.  Beta readers are done, and I've joined a Sci-Fi and Fantasy critique group.
  • Writing - NaNoWriMo.
  • Reading - Our bookclub read No Relation, by Terry Fallis. We liked it. I also read The Spark - disappointing. 
  • Other - As distractions, when not writing, I watched Season One of Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  and several episodes of the new season of The Newsroom. No band - not that excited about music this term, or the new conductor. 
  • BTW - New goals now will be to add some final bits to story before I put it in a drawer for a while, and get ready for Christmas.


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