ROW80-4 - 12/21 - Post Christmas Break
ROW80-1 - 05/01 - My Writerly Plan

ROW80-4 - 12/24 - Done again

Here we are, the end of another Round, and almost the end of another year. I had my kids and grandkids over on the 14th, so I've already been sort of enjoying the post Christmas pause.

I did do some writerly things, the last few days:

  • Publishing
    • I've sent request to various libraries across Canada asking that that they carry Kirk's Landing. Most do not acknowledge, and orders may go through a central distribution, so it's easiest just to check their online catalogues. So far I've sent requests to 27 and seven have copies in stock or on order. 
    • I did another promo via a post on my FB page. Links to my tourtiere and my moosemilk recipes, as well as to a 50% off Smashwords coupon good until Boxing Day. A paid promo to boost the FB post, but as usual falls way short of their estimates for reach. Only cost $8 but I've decide these are not worth it. No Smashwords sales either, in spite of the discount.
  • Writing - I'm playing around with a Flash Fiction for this prompt. I have an idea for something that's Christmasy. And dark. 
  • Reading - I bought yet more books at the local thrift store. They even have a seniors discount on Wednesday - damn them! Too many books! 

Here's a look at my goals for this last ROW to see how I did.

  • Find a mentor by ROW end. Not sure if I'll complete this soon. I'be joined some more writers groups to share information and critiques - that may suffice.
  • Writing - I focused on NaNoWriMo, and did do 52,000 words in 28 days. Good words - this is a draft that has potential. 
  • Editing - none, but will start re-reading book #1, then #2. 
  • Publishing - I did more Facebook promotion, as wll as contacting more libraries. Decided to not do Book #2 with the same publisher, so now I need a new one. And maybe an agent.
  • Reading - I managed to read 8 novels, in spite of NaNoWriMo.
  • Other - A few series, such as  Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D., and The Newsroom, and some movies.

Long term, my main goal for the year was to become a better writer. I think I have improved, but this January I will be doing another plan. I want to get serious with this new career, which means a business plan, as in Vision/Mission/Goals/Objectives/Tasks.   





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