ROW80-1 - 01/07 - Hooked
ROW80-1 - 01/14 - This and That

ROW80-1 - 01/11 - No Good Habits Yet

The "A Round of Words in 80 Days" challenge does realize that you have a life, and is fine with other things occasionally usurping your goals. That's especially likely to happen if you leave the important things until later in the day, or just dabble at them at random times.As opposed to establishing some regular writerly habits. I need to at least remember to set the next day's schedule before retiring at night. I'll be talking about this planning effort to a writer's group this week, so I better get some focus here!

I have been getting in two hours a day on editing - or close to it - but really need three. The Pomodoro method does seem to work well for me - 25 minutes on, 5 off, and repeat. I use an online countdown timer for it too, ticking away on another screen. But, as mentioned, sometimes that editing happens first thing in the morning. sometimes late at night, sometimes scattered through the day.  I also did get a lot of publishing odds and ends done in the past few days, so was not a complete loss. Oh - and I got a bread-maker. And I figured out how to use it.


  • Writing/editing - No separate writing, but I have done some as my editing for Return to Kirk's Landing, so I'll count it here. I've determined what the real underlying story-worthy problem is for my protagonist too - a good thing. This is already helping to tie things together much better, and will help drive him to success. Or destruction.
  • Publishing
    • There are Overdrive/Smashwords issues still, so I can't really tell libraries to order yet. Have emailed both sides.
    • DVP
      • Another of our authors has my book, to read and hopefully review. He's from out of town so asked me to request Ottawa library to order his book. Done. Need to do this as an exchange with more authors.
      • "We" are also working on an extended distribution for our books, to other chains. Less profits, but more exposure. More details when finalized.
  • Reading/Watching - Three library books that were on hold popped up. Damn them. I did a quick read of the beginning of each one.
    • A Wizard of Earthsea (Leguin) - re-reading, for the example of the description. Good so far.
    • The Summer Tree (Kay) - was recommended as a portal story, like my last NaNoWriMo. Good so far.
    • Reamde (Stephenson) - I'm trying it because I liked his much earlier Snow Crash. Very slow start, though. If I didn't like the first one, I'd be dumping this. I still might.
    • Watched some episodes of Agent Carter, Modern Family, and Madame Secretary.
  • Mentor - The OIW board meeting is coming up. Thinking about my role still. We also are trialing a mentor program, so I'll be anxious to hear how that is working out.
  • Health - sporadic exercising, nothing regular yet. That habits thing again. Less pubs. Part of Pomodoro schedule is to get up for those 5 minute breaks, which helps. As for strolling the neighbourhood, while it does get warmer on occasion that just means slushier. Lots of Facebook still, also. I have over 400 friends, from a wide range of groups and interests, so I'm always finding interesting things from them to pass on. In addition to things I find on my own. My Klout score is still over 50, so I guess I haven't pulled back much.




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Gloria Weber

I know what you mean about making it a habit and planning the night before. I've weekly to do lists (printed bi-weekly) that tell me what I have to do in a day, but if I don't take time to figure out where the tasks fall, I end up stressed/rushing to get everything done. And it's hard to get to things that aren't habits. I attack habits (like cleaning my guinea pigs' cage) before the odd written in tasks (like fill out paperwork).

I hope you find your balance. Have an awesome round!

Beth Camp

Why is it that January feels like such a slow month, both beginning with new ideas and energy because of the New Year and then confronting those several more months of winter? Slushy, eh? We just have smudges of snow. No slush with weather dipping down to the 20s at night. Yes, I agree re getting organized. I seem to get more done when I have a list. Right now, I keep a "Daily Journal" in Word that has a list by date and diary, with goals for the week posted. I'm also jotting the top priorities down in my desk calendar (like visiting other ROW80 folks). So far, so good. And though research is always good, how do we get time to read when those books come in all at once? Best wishes for more good progress on ALL your goals in the coming week.

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