ROW80-1 - 01/11 - No Good Habits Yet
ROW80-1 - 01/21 - Flattened

ROW80-1 - 01/14 - This and That

Here's Wednesday's post - on Thursday. I'm already back to putting the top of the list - editing - after the bottom of the list - other odds and ends.

I did do some work on my second book, but most was on marketing and publishing things, And a broken car. It's been pretty cold here, but my car still managed to start as needed. However, the last few times were with a little less pep. I should have taken the hint. Luckily my neighbour parks right next to me and was willing to give me a boost eventually. It's a 2008, and the battery had just faded away. New one now.


  • Writing/editing
    • An hour or so a day editing. It's better than none I suppose. This really needs to be an early morning thing.
    • Had another meeting of a critique group I'm in. We talked more about writing in general, but shared a lot of tips and links so it was very productive. I talked about this whole goal setting process and that started some good discussion. We really do need some face to face time as writers. We may split off into some more specific genre focuses for queries.
  • Publishing
    • Yet another local bookstore has closed, one I was meaning to get my books into on consignment. Just as well. I dropped by two other places where I do have books - one sale for each of them since the fall. I tell friends the books are there, and do a launch sometimes, but local sales are slow.
    • Worked on my list of places to query once editing is done, as well as some interesting contest sites. DVP
  • Reading/Watching
    • Just re-started The Luminaries. It's for a book club -Sunday!
    • Watched some episodes of Agent Carter, Modern Family, and Madame Secretary.
  • Mentor - Car dead so avoided my OIW board meeting and any decisions on future role/involvement. 
  • Health - Have started my morning exercises again. Gets the stiffness out of my back.
  • Odds and ends - check. Doing well on this.


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