ROW80-1 - 01/14 - This and That
ROW80-1 - 01/25 - Distracted by Hunger

ROW80-1 - 01/21 - Flattened

First it was my battery, then it was me. Flattened by a wonky back. It's happened before. All it needs is a twist the wrong way or bending over to pick up a pen and I get a lower back spasm. Last time doctor found nothing more than weak muscles and reminded me of my exercise program. Drugs, rest, and a heating pad help but the side effect is not a lot of work done since the last post. I did finish reading the Luminaries - what a marathon! 

And I've been following/posting to a new Facebook Group - Helping Our Northern Neighbours. Given the excessive cost of food in Canada's north, and the lack of effective government support, the aim is to match needy families with people down south willing to buy and ship food to them. They also work with food banks up there, and some more local suppliers. A long term solution is needed, but this works now. 

Back to me and my editing challenges - I'd started using the Pomodoro Technique as a way to focus better on things. 25 minutes on, 5 minutes off. Repeat. After the fourth 25 minute piece, you take 15 minutes off. There's a book, but that's pretty well it. Pretty simple, but it seems to be working. I've an iPhone app that helps me track it and there are web sites. Or a kitchen timer. It's also a good way to NOT focus, as in getting up every 25 minutes to stretch and do something different. 


  • Writing/editing
    • None. I do have a list of contest though, in case I need encouragement.
  • Publishing
    • Yet more libraries on my to-do list. Sending off a couple at a time. 
  • Reading/Watching
    • Finished The Luminaries. Missed the book club but other's didn't even finish apparently. It's award winning, which is why many will read it I think, as it starts badly. 
    • Watched things like Modern Family and Madame Secretary.
  • Health - Trying to start exercise again, to get the stiffness out of my back.
  • Odds and ends - car has a new battery but I heven't been out to recheck it. Fingers crossed. 


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Beth Camp

Sorry to hear of your back. That Pomodoro system is pretty much what I'm doing to limit time on the computer, avoiding those 2-hour stretches of just pounding the keyboard. Balance in all things, I keep saying to myself. Maybe you will see some improvement in your back as you integrate writing with Pomodoro :) And I liked your food bank by mail project, having especially now, a soft spot for northern Canada. Have a good week (and pain free).

Pamela Morse

She is right that long periods of time siting are a recipe for back problems. Good luck with the system, sounds reasonable and not hard to implement.

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