ROW80-1 - 02/04 - Not a good example
ROW80-1 - 03/08 - Back in Balance

ROW80-1 - 02/23 - Done with Editing

Here I am finally, a day late for Sunday, and weeks since my last post. I'm done with editing my second novel, Return to Kirk's Landing, but just for now. I've made a number of changes, mostly high level, and fired it off to a beta reader for more feedback. Hopefully once it's back I can focus on voice, POV, dialogue, description, scene goals, etc. Still a lot to do but I just needed to stop for a bit.

In other news, I did find a couple of good series on Netflix. Scott and Bailey features two female British detectives, working in Manchester. With a female boss too. All strong characters, well portrayed, with good development. Dicte is Danish, with subtitles, and stars a female crime reporter who helps a local detective (male) solve crimes. Many involve children, thus linking to some of her own issues. Another favourite last year was Forbrydelson, as well as The Bridge. Plus there's Weeds, Saving Grace - I seem to like these types of crime series, with strong smart female protagonists. My last three novels have a female protagonist too: Agnes of Grimm, The Ghost in the Machine, and The Portal.  

When not editing, I also read a few books. I did my review for The Luminaries, which we found just so-so. I got Winter Garden from my library the day before my book club, so went in cold, with open ears. The group did like it, so I'll finish it.

I also got a cheque from the Public Lending Right Program of the Canada Council for the Arts. It's designed to compensate authors with books in libraries, for any sales they have missed out on.  They only found me in 2/7 major libraries, but sent $100, so it's worth signing up for and pushing libraries to order your book. That can be done either by you, or via friends making requests. 

Now that I have a break, I can brave the cold to do some shopping and chores, read some more, keep active in the Helping Our Northern Neighbours site, and learn to play War Games: Red Dragon. My son has a copy of it too. 

Oh - and I've signed up for a table at a new local literary festival - Prose in the Park. It's in Ottawa June 6th. I might be on a panel too.


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Pamela Morse

I will see if Scott and Bailey is on Amazon Prime. It sounds like my kind of show.

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