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ROW80-1 - 03/26 - One bite at a time

That's how you eat an elephant and I think that's how I'll have to tackle my elephant - editing novel #2.

I did a lot of promotion of ROW 80 with friends, extolling its virtues and my successes with it. Unfortunately, I've ended up with likely my least productive session yet. I started editing my second novel over a year ago and, while I have made some good progress, I still have a lot to do. It doesn't help that, while I like to write, I don't HAVE to do it to support myself, so I seem to get easily distracted. Binge watching various TV series online seems to be a favourite occupation, as is playing Wargame: Red Dragon with my son. It's a fascinating strategy game, with hours worth of learning and endless variations in game play. I can play against the computer, or with my son. Fun, and good bonding, but not editing. 

My new plan will be to use the Pomodoro method again, with the target of only one 25 minute session at a time. I imagine it will take hundred's of those bites to get it publisher ready, but each one does count. 

Speaking of which, time for another bite. Hopefully by the next ROW80 it will be a habit. 

ROW80-1 - 03/08 - Back in Balance

It's been a while, but here I am again, hopefully a little more balanced. I got my second novel back from my beta-reader, with much praise and some suggested tweaks. I've had a bit of a break to watch Netflix and read and socialize here and there, so feel energized again and ready to "get at 'er".  Winter seems to be on its way out too finally, with the temperature NOT dropping to the frigid numbers of just a week or so ago.

  • Publishing/marketing - Sales are still mostly local, one or two at a time, but that still counts. Always a good idea to carry a copy of your book. 
  • Editing - starting again. I'll need that Pomodoro thing again I think.  
  • Writing - none, but I hope to break past that barrier again and start doing some quick and dirty Flash. 
  • Learning
    • I've a Sci-fi/Fantasy critique group tomorrow, so have reviewed two short stories for members, Nothing from me, but this is one way to learn.
    • My writer group had Trevor Ferguson in to talk about the Art of Writing. He talked about creating tension, finding the hero's epiphany, dialogue style, and character development via action and reaction. Action Becomes Character Development - ABCD.
  • Reading
    • I finished Winter Garden for my book club and drafted my review. It was a good story, especially in the second half. 
    • I got a copy of The Book With No Pictures from the library. My oldeest grandson (7) loved it. 
  • Other
    • War Games: Red Dragon - I've played several times with my son. He's quite patient with me. 
    • I had a great night at the pub last week, then basically lost the next day. Pint glasses of draft go down way too easy; I do better with bottles. Getting older means you can still drink - you just can't bounce back as easily.