ROW80-1 - 03/08 - Back in Balance
ROW80-2 - 04/06 - A new start - again

ROW80-1 - 03/26 - One bite at a time

That's how you eat an elephant and I think that's how I'll have to tackle my elephant - editing novel #2.

I did a lot of promotion of ROW 80 with friends, extolling its virtues and my successes with it. Unfortunately, I've ended up with likely my least productive session yet. I started editing my second novel over a year ago and, while I have made some good progress, I still have a lot to do. It doesn't help that, while I like to write, I don't HAVE to do it to support myself, so I seem to get easily distracted. Binge watching various TV series online seems to be a favourite occupation, as is playing Wargame: Red Dragon with my son. It's a fascinating strategy game, with hours worth of learning and endless variations in game play. I can play against the computer, or with my son. Fun, and good bonding, but not editing. 

My new plan will be to use the Pomodoro method again, with the target of only one 25 minute session at a time. I imagine it will take hundred's of those bites to get it publisher ready, but each one does count. 

Speaking of which, time for another bite. Hopefully by the next ROW80 it will be a habit. 


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Your have to start somewhere, right? It's get better!!

Here's to the new (forthcoming) Round. :-)


Thanks Cindy. I've already taken a few bites.

Shan Jeniah Burton

Pomodoro Method...hmmmn, time to look that up. I'll be right back.

Ah, I see. I do something similar, although more organically, and it doesn't have a name, except Life (or maybe Lovely Chaos...).

My round was bisected by a family vacation to Oregon. I don't regret what didn't happen, writing-wise. Life was so deeply enriched by this ten days - and we'll be moving there, hopefully in the next two years. So, since we came home, I've given a good deal of energy to decluttering and organizing to make the transition a smoother process.

One bite a a time sounds like a great plan. I, too, have a book I've been revising for over a year, now, sporadically. I'm very happy with the parts that have been finished, but there's still a lot to go.

Maybe I'll set a time frame and, despite the writing challenges I'll be engaged in, move toward completing my revision, as well!

See you at the beginning of the round!

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