ROW80-2 - 04/20 - Still editing
ROW80-3 -07/07 - Okay, I'm in!

ROW80-2 - 04/10 - My back is back

I had to take a bit of a break when my back went out - again. It's a disc think we think, and are working on a diagnosis. And hopefully on a fix. The downside was that I couldn't sit down and work for a week. Which, apparently, was enough to break the habit I'd been carefully nurturing, as even when it was okay to sit. I did everything except edit. Damn. I did watch some fun Netflix, though, such as Jack Taylor and American Odyssey. 

But, I did re-start my work today, and spent about an hour adding more to the fantasy side of my crime novel. I've just finished The Onion Girl, by Charles de Lint. It's an inspiring book, not only for the characters and fantasy world subject, but also for his beautiful writing. Inspiring, and humbling.  


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Eden Mabee

I've always found deLint's writing impressive. Glad you found him inspiring you to more story, Mike.

Ugh on the back though... I can almost relate. I pulled a ligament on my knee a few months back. Taking karate like that was... exciting.

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