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ROW80-3 - 26/07 - Back to work

Sunday's check in - on Monday, as usual. Had a nice visit by my girlfriend, but she's gone back home now so it's time to get back to writing/editing. I'm just past the halfway point in my editing, and still agonizing over my various sub-plots. I find that looking at things from a scene/sequel view has forced me to focus and trim some parts, to make them contribute more to the story - a good thing! But I still have other sections that are nice little anecdotes and background, but seem just a little too wordy. I hate to trim them, but I must.


  • Editing - as mentioned, starting to slash more. 
  • Writing - I'd submitted a short story to the newslettter of a national group I'm in, and won third prize! It was to be less than 1000 words, so was a challenge to add in all the turning points and other three act structural elements that I like to follow. A good exercise. 
  • Publishing - I was hoping to look at re-formatting my first book while my girlfriend was up, but her vertigo problems meant she had to minimize computer time. But, there will be other visits.
  • Reading - Finished Not Wanted on the Voyage. Very good. Just starting Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I can't remember reading this before, but I must have. A great book, and a basis for the movie Blade Runner. 
  • Chores - I did lots in prep for The Girlfriend Visit, so now it's just laundry and pull some weeds out back. And work my way through all the leftovers, as I bought way too much food! 
  • Social - Big Visit went well. Nothing too extensive - up to the Gatineau's, drinks with mutual friends at my local, tour of the Experimental Farm, nice dinner, and just hanging out together. I met some friends at the pub the day after she'd left, to catch up on what they'd been doing. Unfortunately they were many quarts ahead of me, and politics came up. There was a lot of yelling to get some over-simplified points across, so I left - rather than feel bullied. I will get in a grandkids visit this week, and maybe a sleepover back here.
  • Other - still some video games. Not as much Netflix. I did catch a lot of the Pan Am Games on TV (rabbit ears), in bits and pieces. 

ROW80-3 - 07/16 -Still here

Well, the past week has not been a complete loss for editing. Some days I managed an hour of work on my book, some none, occasionally two! It's further along than before, and that's what counts. I did some tidying and shopping in prep for my girlfriend's visit, plus long phone calls every evening. And some birthday prep, as mine is this Saturday and the kids and grandkids will be over to join us for a small party. I'm getting up there, but not 70 quite yet!


  • Editing - as mentioned, not a lot, not that regular, but some.
  • Publishing - played more with the files and format. My girlfriend did some publishing, and has a fine arts degree - among her many talents - so will hopefully be able to help me with this. 
  • Reading - I've started Not Wanted on the Voyage. It's interesting on several levels. 
  • Chores - the side effect of having company is that you do a lot of those little things you've put off. Like install a toilet paper holder. Or move the snow shovels to the basement. Or buy new sheets.  
  • Social - I've been planning for the Big Visit, doing a list of fun things to choose from when we're not just hanging out and enjoying each other's company. And after? I'm starting to feel that some of the talk at the pubs and cafes with friends is getting to be same old same old. Maybe I need to join some writer groups. Or find a low key walking group - other than the seniors I see doing laps in the mall. 
  • Other - as in video games. Yup - still tempting me. Trains for some quiet time, Wargame with my son for more action.

ROW80-3 -07/07 - Okay, I'm in!

I sort of faded away last ROW80 after my back went wonky again. Then life got in the way, with video games, a book fair, reading, spring weather, and a new girlfriend. I'll try this again.

First, an update.

The video games are Wargame and Train Simulator. The first is me vs an AI or my son or others (eventually), the second is a simulation, with fantastic detail on various North American and European routes. Both are challenging, and the second is quite restful. And needed a better faster computer, of course.

The book fair was a new local one, Prose in the Park. There were lots of authors, interesting panels, and even some readers. I managed to sell six books, because, a) it's a good story, b) I was cheapest at my table ($12 vs $20), and c) I included a $2 coupon for a nearby tavern. 

I've read some good books lately too: The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Consumed, Widdershins, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime, Divergent, and This Changes Everything.

And then there's my new girlfriend. She's smitten, as am I. The 5 hour drive is bearable, with the help of lots of long phone calls, letters, and visits to and fro. We're both good kissers and communicators, so that will help. 

And now the plan.

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