ROW80-3 - 26/07 - Back to work
ROW80-3 - 08/07 - Where do you get your ideas?

ROW80-3 - 02/08 - An election

Sunday check in, with yet another distraction - a Federal election. The kick-off for the campaign was today, right in the middle of a long weekend, with the fixed election date of October 13. Making it the longest campaign, at 77 days, in 130 years. Why so long? New spending limits - higher than before. These were changed by the governing party, the one with bags of money, which means that with a long campaign they will be able to outspend the opposition parties and hopefully buy our votes with a barrage of ads.  

In addition, I now have the distraction of a forgotten TV series that I can now watch again via Netflix - Farscape. With Claudia Black and some other people.

But I have done some writing and editing done too, so all is not lost.   


  • Editing - a few more scenes. Trimming and fine tuning each one, while keeping in mind how those changes affect other areas. I am enjoying it a bit more.
  • Writing - None, other than adding to my Story Ideas file. I need to start thinking of my topic for NaNoWriMo this year, as I outline in October. Hence I need to kick around some ideas before that, eith form that Story Ideas file or my big set of Flash Fiction stories, 
  • Publishing - Re-publishing of Book #1 is still on hold. Our writer's collective idea is still being discussed, where we would all market under a common brand. No resolution on how to vet books for that brand, how to set the bar so readers know what to expect. I suspect friendships are getting in the way. 
  • Reading - Finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Very good. Also enjoyed The Lovely Bones
  • Social - Got over to the grandkids in the east end, then had the eldest over for a sleep-over. Not much sleeping though.  
  • Other - Still some video games-mostly my train one. Farscape on Netflix. And lots of election coverage. Need to decide how much time I have to volunteer, and for whom. 


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