ROW80-3 - 02/08 - An election
Short Story - The Traitor

ROW80-3 - 08/07 - Where do you get your ideas?

I was asked this question about my writing again the other day. It was from a fan, who was not a writer, and who seemed to think 'getting ideas' was the only step needed before a novel is produced. I tried to explain that all you really needed for that first step was to observe and imagine, but then realized that what I take for granted is not necessarily a skill everyone has. Also, as part of that imagining phase, I now automatically take that idea a bit farther, to see if there is some depth and some character development. Only then do I add it to my 'Story Ideas' notebook in Evernote. 

I did get her to admit to sometimes making up stories to tease her friends, proving that she did in fact get ideas too. Her next problem was that she couldn't write. I clarified that she was not illiterate, and that her real concern was not writing well. When friends get that far, I suggest they write then stuff it in a drawer. Nobody else has to see it.  I may make a writer of her yet. I did add how easy it is now to publish, but made sure to mention using honest peer reviews and editors to help improve writing skills.

As for ROW80 status, some editing was done, some reading, and some social activities, as follows.

  • Editing - some days it's one scene, some days several. Progress
  • Writing - I'm wondering if I should re-write some of my old Flash stories, for eventual publication, or write more. More means more feedback - a mixed blessing.
  • Publishing - nothing more on my re-pub of Book #1, but tossing around the idea of doing some ebook collections of my Flash Fiction stories, complete with prompts. 
  • Reading - I read Armada, by Ernest Cline. Disappointing
  • Other - The first election debate was yesterday. Unlike the American ones,, this only had four politicians on stage.  My take? May was excellent in the debate, focusing on issues, challenging the others with facts. Mulcair stayed strong yet calm. Trudeau was impressive but shaky. Harper made excuses, pretending all OK. Not a lot of changes in voting I suspect, but I'm looking forward to the next set of polls. And ads. 


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Cindy Scott

As an American, I didn't see the Republican debate last night, but caught some twitter commentary on it through the night. I have been very disillusioned with politics in my country. Trying to pay attention and stay informed, but then get angry. Sigh! Not the topic I want to focus on.

Writing is much better to talk about...

You should re-write, edit, and re-tool those flash fiction and get them out their. That's part of what I have been working on, getting a CP and editing and re-write some of my older work. Time to take the plunge. You can do it!!! I may have to bring out the pom poms :-)


sometimes getting the old stuff out can be invigorating and fun also which is a bit of a must - go for it and best of - take care:)

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