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ROW80- 3 - 09/06 - Wandering in again

This seems to be another on-again, off-again session. Between Netflix, summer, a Federal election, and long talks with my girlfriend - well, it seems not a lot of writerly things are being done. I did do some editing, of a friend's book. And I did a Flash Fiction for a favorite site that has been revived. Plus reading, of course.  A lot of Facebook time too, as well as a couple of newspapers. I have been following quite closely the election campaigns, and - lately - the newly discovered Syrian refugee crisis. Looks like a lot of people are stepping up to sponsor families. Unfortunately, due to new regulations and regular annual cutbacks, Immigration staff are hard pressed to deal with the current small influx of refugees. To handle the new, much larger goals by end of year they need to double their staff - and have them trained and running within a few days. Sad state of affairs.


  • Editing - still slow but steady on novel #2. Also spent several hours on a friend's novel, high level then more detailed. Have paused while waiting to see if she wants more, and it is already published. Maybe she'll stay as is.  
  • Writing - Did one for Flash Fiction Friday, on theme of Obsession.
  • Publishing - Nothing lately.
  • Reading - I read A Wizard of Earthsea, be Le Guin. And just finished a collection of short stories by Kafta, including Metamorphosis. I hadn't read much of his work before - interesting.
  • Other
    • Netflix again. Latest one is Scandal. 



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Cindy Scott

I feel like summer has been about progress and yet kicking back and enjoying oneself. Not that the YSrian refugees is something to ignore. In the midst of a world full of chaos, one has to find something to keep one going. I am on phase 2 of editing my current WIP novel from NaNoWriMo, currently a slow process as well. Hang in there and keep going! :-)

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