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ROW80-3 - 09/24 - Last status and wrap up

I did compose a status for Sunday, with nice links to things, then accidentally deleted it all before posting it. Along with the backup. And I just realized now that we're done for this round. So - a last status report here, and then a wrap up. 

Status update:

  • Editing - glacially slow progress. I'm down to aiming for even a 20 minute chunk, but that does work.   
  • Writing - I've done several for Flash Fiction Friday. One is on theme of unrequited love, a second gave a choice of opening lines, and the latest was about taboos. 
  • Publishing - Nothing lately.
  • Reading - I started reading Shades of Grey, by Jasper Fford, but didn't find it measuring well against his Thursday Next series. So I returned it to the library. I read Queen of the Tearling for a book club, and enjoyed it very much. Too many books - not enough time. I am hoping to read the novels nominated for this year's Aurora Awards at the end of October. Am currently battling with Echopraxia, as it's hard sci-fi - meaning with a lot of science. It also has a challenging/rich vocabulary, so I think I'll switch to the ebook version, with its dictionary links. 
  • Other
  • Netflix again. Still on scandal. My train game had another sale of scenarios also, and my soen and I are still messing around with Wargame Red Dragon.
  • Social - girlfrind was up for a week from Toronto, next is my turn to visit her. We're both readers/writers, so maybe will eventually calm down enough to just sit and work quietly while in each other's company.  
  • Politics - I'm getting the Globe and Mail daily, plus the New York Times on Sunday. We've a Federal election coming up, so I've been spending more time with paper and online news sources, trying to keep abreast of the issues, and add my own bit of commentary. Polls are still stuck at an even split for all three contenders, and we've only a few weeks left.  

Wrap up and next steps:

  • Editing - I'd hoped to finish editing Book #2, Return to Kirk's Landing.  I did progress from 1/3 to 3/4 through-which is better than nothing. I'd like to be dine by the end of October, for Can-Con. Just in case I get the chance to pitch it to someone.
  • Publishing - I'd hoped to get Book #1, Kirk's Landing, up on Ingram. Maybe next ROW. Still talking with some fellow sci-fi/fantasy authors about setting up a collective for us to publish from. And I'd hoped to send out notes to more libraries re my novel.
  • Reading - Definitely got a lot of that done. Probably about one per week, as I'd forecast.
  • Social - as in grand-kids, friends at a cafe, girlfriend. Yup.
  • Other - as in Netflix, etc. Too much.
  • Exercise - Not enough.  



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Beth Camp

Thank you for the advice to edit in 20 minute chunks. I did finish a big project for my hubby this round, but not so much progress on my own writing goals (except more research), so I'll take your writing tip to heart. Still this whole rhythm of setting goals and measuring progress keeps us going. I hope the next round is a good one for you!

Cindy Scott

I do writing blitzes for 30 minutes. Did you think there is a magic number? I guess it is what what for you. Good progress though. See you in Round 4.

Nikki Starcat Shields

"Too many books - not enough time." I can totally relate to that! Sounds like you're making progress toward your goals. I like the 20 minute chunk editing advice, too. Keep up the good work! See you next Round.

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