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ROW80-4 - 10/05 - Some Hopeful Goals

I haven't had a lot of success so far this year with meeting writerly goals, at least not as much as I'd hoped for. This final round I WILL get this damned book #2 edited, and pitch to some people. And hopefully another done as part of NaNoWrimo. As for the rest - we'll see what happens.

  • Editing - I've applied to pitch my book at the Can-Con Sci-fi/Fantasy conference at the end of October. So sort of need to be done by then! That's my goal. Only about 10k from the end this pass.
  • Writing
    • I've started doing weekly challenges, via Flash Fiction Friday. It only takes a few hours, and keeps the creative juices flowing. Have done five so far, goal is to keep at it. 
    • NaNoWriMo - yes, I would like to do it again. No, don't have a clue as to what to write about. Still a goal. 
  • Publishing/Marketing 
    • as mentioned, I will be pitching my book. It remains to be seen if they like it, and what they will be offering me. Most are small presses, so marketing initiatives may be limited.
    • I'd still like to get Book #1 into Ingram Spark. I have the files, just need the time. That' s a maybe goal.
    • Still talking with my local Sci-fi/Fantasy group about forming a collective, to share writing/publishing expertise and establish a 'label' that people know and trust. Have a name and logo, still need to figure out how to ensure "The Quality Goes in Before the Name Goes On". Goal is to promote the group at Can-Con. 
    • I'll be part of a book table at Can-Con to sell copies and promote our new collective.
  • Reading
    • My book club is back on again, plus I'm voting in 10 days on the Aurora Awards so have goal of several to read/skim for that. TBR bookshelf not any smaller, either, as I keep adding books fatser than I clear them off. for the summer, but I have no shortage of books to be read, either on my bookshelf or via the library reservations system. Maybe a book a week is a good measure.
    • We have a Federal election in a few weeks too, so I've been reading more newspapers to try to keep abreast of things. And commenting and trying to influence others of course. 
  • Social - well, there is this new girlfriend. A few hundred km away so will continue to take turns visiting for a week each month.  She's a writer and off work so we do sometimes just sit and work, but not all the time of course! Plus time for kids and friends.
  • Exercise - still a hopeful addition to my schedule. I've decided that even just getting out to walk up for a coffee counts, even if it is only . Only five blocks away, 



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You sound in very similar head-space to me... Maybe with all the ROWers pushing together, we'll all make some progress. :)
Good luck!

Shan Jeniah Burton

Reasonable and hopeful goals, Mike. Of course, that new girlfriend and the family need your time, too, happily.

Looking forward to hearing what you're getting up to (with the WRITING!).

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